Acqua Pazza (アクアパッツァ)

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Vegetables with Bagna Cauda(Anchovy and garlic and olive oil dip).
Cold appetizer: marinated seafood.
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Warm appetizer and two types of pasta. The pasta was unacceptably overcooked and too salty.
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カボチャのニョッキ。お魚 丸ごと アクアパッツァ風。
Pumpkin Gnocchi. I liked the gnocchi though it was a bit oily.
Fish in “acqua pazza”. The fish was a huge disappointment. Too salty and oily…
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My friend had Marron creme Brulee, and I had Mascarpone cheese soup. Hmm, my friend’s one was probably better though I didn’t taste it….anything would be better than mine.
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Lunch set, 6000yen. NEVER going back again.
Acqua Pazza