La feuille(ラ フィーユ@奥沢)

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Onion potage, very sweet and shockingly good for a simple soup like that!
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Yellowtail and cabbage carpaccio was very good – the fish smelled very fishy but everyone in the table had no problem. The fish course was good, but soybean and tomato stew reminds me too much of the canned tomato beans that I had eaten too much with toasts in the past…
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お肉:きなこ豚 肩ロースのロースト。
Pork that was fed with soybean apparently. The only difference I can tell is the lack of fat…^^;; Very good though. Dessert is milk sorbet, vanilla ice-cream, strawberry tart and black honey pudding, hmm it is alright. Full course lunch is 4500yen. Consensus was, overall very good, but considering it is far, it is not cheap.
La feuille

4 thoughts on “La feuille(ラ フィーユ@奥沢)

  1. Hahah tomato stew + bean…totally reminds me of canned ones. As a child I love them so much and never understand why my parents think they’re trashy unhealthy food ^^;; The pork looks very fat-less!

  2. Hey it’s been awhile you had french! Yeah the desserts looks a bit underwhelming. I most want to try the onion potage, looks very yummy!

  3. やっこさん>

    You should try making the onion potage, probably easier than making onion soup? Dunno…

    Used to have canned tomato beans with rice when I was small and didn’t mind it, but after going to UK and eating too much baked beans and toast…just can’t eat it anymore.

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