Il Teatro(Four Seasons Hotel)

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060810 033.jpgBanana pancake and French toast. I saw this hotel breakfast on TV and it looked really good, so dragged a friend to try with me. Well, another example that TV gourmet recommendations are not trustworthy. Both are no good! The French toast is so dry that it gets stuck in your throat and won’t go down. There are orange puree and nuts in the toast, and apple cinnamon on top. Very little or no egg. My friend’s pancake is slightly better, but really, nothing special, you need to add a lot of syrup and butter to get it down your throat. We ordered coffee and it came up to 2700~yen each.
Four Seasons Hotel

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  1. yeah breakfast food! It’s traditional stuffs, yet Four Season can’t make it right~~^^;; I think to find a impressive breakfast meal, go for charming little place with homemade feel, at least homemade the jam! (when I see a package jam on table…the breakfast place can’t be good ^^;;). These smaller places tend to have a lot of heart and creativity, the food were made with fresh ingredients from local farm. Like look for a bakery where they baked their own bread from oven, or one opened by a mom with nothing to do, full of wood craft teddy bear decor ^^;;; (maybe you can only find that at countryside ^^;;)

  2. Yeah what a disappointment! We didn’t even open the jam, just add the maple syrup and the butter(though there are two kinds of butter, normal and cinnamon). Hmm I see…country-style homemade-ingredients bakery that do breakfast…I will keep looking. French toast and pancake are still sorta common, but a lot of people here haven’t even heard of egg benedict…^^;;

  3. かなり期待してたのに残念だったね、、、

  4. 確かに!!Zopfの朝食はよかった。フレンチトーストもあったし!Egg benedictはやらないかな?でも、遠い、、、

  5. そうね、遠いね^^;
    Egg benedictはないけど、クロックマダムはあるよね!!

  6. パンも違うね。形もEgg benedictの方が丸くてかわいい、、、^^;

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