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Aubergine puree and tomato sauce. Pork head jelly with Gribiche sauce(made from egg and mustard), hmm, kinda tasteless.
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Cold pumpkin soup, very sweet, had some curry taste and a few drops of pistachio oil on top. Pan-fried Sea bass, not bad but…isn’t the portion a bit stingy?(That day the fish market was closed for obon holiday so that could be the reason…)
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仔羊背肉のポワレ スパイス風味。カルダモンのクレームブリュレ。
Lamb chop, with spice. The meat was soft, the first two bites were great, but half of it was plain fat and overall very oily, felt a bit sick halfway. Not sure where the spice was. The other choice for the main dish was not tempting to me so I ended up choosing the lamb again(last time I had lamb too). Cardamon creme brulee and raspberry sorbet. So mediocre….
I have come here before(see tag) and it was not mind-blowing impressive but each dish was quite good and the whole course was well balanced. This time was a disappointment…though this time we chose the 2900yen course, cheaper than the 3900yen course last time, that could be the reason too…

5 thoughts on “Hommage(オマージュ)

  1. haha…sushi size of fish…
    The photos last night seems more fancy, this time they looked a bit less decorative (just oil pour around the meat).

  2. Freda>
    Oh forgot to mention the price, this time we chose a cheaper course, which was said to be less fancy but bigger portion. Then we went on a holiday when the fish market was closed…I guess I shouldn’t compare with last time…


  3. ・・・^^;

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