Restaurant Maison de Famille@要町

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Lunch is 2100yen.
Long leek and Brie de Meaux gratin. A bit oily.
Lamb quenelle with cumin seed. Bottom layer is tomato and mushroom; ground lamb meat in the middle; onion and cheese and cumin on top; basil oil sauce and potato gratin on the side. The tomato gets quite watery and a bit too much basil oil, but overall it is okay.
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Custard cake with apple simmered in red wine. Strawberry cake. Yogurt sorbet. The desserts are so-so.

Taste-wise it is nothing special. They keep giving you bread which is not warm but still quite good. The restaurant is right next to an university though the price range seems to keep the students away. The table next to me was a bunch of professors and office staffs. I remember this place used to be a cheap bistro but has changed to a proper French restaurant.
Maison de Famille