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Boss Sushi (Beverly Hills)

By in 10: Beverly Hills

There were endless Leo birthday celebration, here’s another one. This sushi restaurant at Beverly Hills seems like good for group party dinner with its colorful fusion rolls and slick presentation. Even the Japanese sushi chef got a head of bleach blonde hair. In order to feed the group, we ordered mostly sushi rolls (generous portions).
Ikura with Raw Quail Egg

Sample of some of the sushi rolls, they all tend to taste the same because of the loaded sweet sauce.

Uni sashimi are served in a cup with bed of very vinegary rice underneath.

Pretty fresh fish and colorful presentation but the _insert name_ rolls will probably turn off sushi purests.

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3 Responses to “Boss Sushi (Beverly Hills)”

  1. verovero says:

    so is it good? or recommended

  2. Freda says:

    not really…^^;;;

  3. anonymous says:

    pics look great though~