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La Table de Joel Robuchon (Paris: 17e )

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I guess as foodies we should have experienced L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, but we went to La Table instead because, *drum roll*, it has a 55 euro prix fixe menu: 4 courses + a bottle of wine (!!) for lunch which is a steal that can’t be beat in Paris, or LA/NY…at least I haven’t seen it. And particularly for a Michellin 2 stars restaurant. It’s a great opportunity for us to have a taste of Joel Robuchon’s culinary empire without breaking the bank (we’re pretty low on $ by that time Y_Y). This is also our last “fine dining” experience at Paris, still more bistros to go though.

Its scale is not as intimidating as Taillevent and there’s no formal dress code. But we still felt a bit nervous at first as all the other patrons dress in formal business wear. The service is very friendly and welcoming.

The butter is very good. Amuse busch: Foie gras and chestnut. Two of my most favorite food together, very good!

Freda’s first course: Carpaccio with artichoke. The carpaccio is very smooth, great. The sauce is limey.

Freda’s 2nd course: Grill sea-bream with orange endives braisees. Really good. Cripsy on the outside, soft in the inside. The furry vegetable (not sure what’s it call) is very interesting for experiencing different “texture.” There’s not much of a flavor, guess it’s more of a palette cleanser?

Freda’s dessert: Creme brulee with pop corn. It’s not very special but still fun with pop corn. Creme brulee is very smooth and good.

My first course: fine gelee out of calf’s head (aka “head cheese”) and sauce gribiche. The head cheese is delicious just with the salt and pepper alone, the sauce is for the salad I think.

My 2nd course: cod with broccoli reduction with olive oil and hazelnut. This is simply one of the best dishes I’ve ever had! The fish is perfectly cook, and the sauce incredibly delicious. It’s light but has depth of flavors and the hazelnut is a really nice touch.

My dessert: poach pear with yogurt. Very good. Light and fresh tasting. The golden “paint” on the spoon is edible, as well we the red slice thing (some sweet candy thing).

After our meat course and prior to the dessert, we’re given the 3rd course: Brie of Meaux. I was too full to eat it so I only ate half, even it’s really good. The brie is much stronger than most of the brie I have in LA, in fact almost too strong for my taste. There’re also complimentary chocolate with the dessert. We still finished them even our stomach were burstingly full.

55 euro per person for all these top notch and creative dishes is a value in my mind, especially when it came with a really good bottle of wine (we chose white). At first we weren’t sure if it’s included and was kicking ourselves for not saying “a glass of white” when the server asked us if we wanted red or white. Both Freda and I aren’t big drinker so a bottle is a lot, but we did manage to finish it. We got drunk by the end of the meal as it complimented the food really well. And to our surprised when we saw the bill, there’s no extra charge for it! In fact our big bottle of evian water AND the aftermeal coffee + tea were also included! The value and the quality of food made this is one of the best, if not the best, dining experience we had in Paris.

La Table de Joel Robuchon (tel: 01 56 28 16 16)
16, av. Bugeaud, Paris, 75016
Metro: Victor Hugo

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10 Responses to “La Table de Joel Robuchon (Paris: 17e )”

  1. RP says:

    The pop corn creme brulee is cute 😀 How did the golden paint taste? I like how while the interior is not grandeur it’s both comfy and elegant looking~

  2. seat says:

    Another familiar name!!
    How come both of your main are fish? Meat not available? But even fish had two guys satisfied!! The Carpaccio is so pretty~~.

  3. Freda says:

    RP the gold paint taste…nothing ^^;;;

    Seat, by that time our stomach was still shakey and not confident if I can take more heavy red meat, so we both went for the fish. ^^;; But they’re really good.

    Before we went, I actually looked up almost every restaurant at your blog to see if they have Tokyo version that you’ve went, and found you’ve been to Tokyo’s L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon few times, but seems like it’s more a sandwich shop? I know that they have it all over at NY, London, HK, Las Vegas…etc. The L’Atelier at Paris is one-star in Michelin Guide, while the L’Table we went are two-star.

  4. Freda says:

    I first read about the 55 euro course here, my mouth was watering at the amount you get. ^^;;

  5. Chubbypanda says:

    Thanks for taking so many for the team and letting us tag along. Potatomoto’s wallet, I salute you! *salute*

  6. Freda says:

    haha…Chubbypanda..my poor wallet now feel better about her sacrifices.

  7. seat says:

    I bought sandwiches from Robuchon’s bakery a few times, went for their tea-time cake sets, also tried their proper lunches too: 1, 2(L’Table), 3(L’Atelier). Quality varies from branch to branch in Japan though~. The one you went in Paris seems so much better in value!

  8. Freda says:

    Haha you kept emphasized on how small portion it was…^^;; How much is the dinner course cost?

  9. Joan says:

    Seat, the portion does look very small in your picture. ^^;; There’s La Table in Hong Kong too

  10. seat says:

    For L’Table, dinner course is ¥6,000 / ¥8,500 / ¥12,000. Not that bad actually. Maybe the small portion won’t be a problem if you get the full course…