May 12, 2008 4

Cremeria Milano (Prague: Jewish Quarter)

By in Prague

This popular gelato joint Cremeria Milano is recommended in many guidebooks as a destination (“The Best Ice cream in town”). It’s located at the ‘Rodeo Drive’ of Prague.


So many flavors (photos only shows a portion).


The chocolate was unbelievably rich yet not sweet. The fruity ones on the right was amazing!


Amarena. Mango.

The gelato blow me away~ they have mouth watering cakes on the other side and are saids to be very good too (and a sit-in area for coffee + cakes).

Cremeria Milano
Praha 1, Pařížská 20, Jewish Quarter

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4 Responses to “Cremeria Milano (Prague: Jewish Quarter)”

  1. seat says:

    I wonder if it is actually from Italy? From the homepage, looks like it is going to be opened in Tokyo too? XD

  2. Freda says:

    I know…so from that link to the Italian site, it seems like this place get their icecream from that ‘Cream & Dream” place, which only has serve at Prague and Venice so far (they’ll have one in New York too? Damn why not LA too! XD ).

  3. valentine says:

    the way the serve it kinda messy makes it look authentic haha
    definitely wanna try when it comes to tokyo(^p^◎)

  4. chris says:

    I was thee two days ago. The cafe has closed down, or moved. if it has a new adress, please, please let me know