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Kingburg Kitchen (San Gabriel)

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We randomly went inside this Taiwanese place when we saw the “all handmade” signs on their windows. They specialized in Taiwanese style Fried Buns that are made to order (with variety of flavors to choose, including Vegetarian). It’d take awhile so you have to order it once you sat down. There’re instructions on the wall recommend calling before you arrive.

Fried Bun with Pork, Sea Cucumber and Shrimp: The skin is fluffy and smooth.

The three ingredients (Pork, Sea Cucumber and Shrimp) created a very smooth but chewy texture. It’s juicy and delicious~

The menu also offers a Noodle + 5 Dumplings set. Sole Fish with Leeks Dumplings, the skin is very thin and light but won’t fell apart. The fish filling is smooth and tasty, I can’t help gulping them down.

Pork with Herb Dill Boiled Dumplings: the dill gave an unusual aroma to the standard pork dumplings. Beef Noodle: the broth is too light for my preference, but the noodles are fresh and light.

Dan Dan Noodle. I thought I was ordiering the spicy Sichuan kind, turns out it’s the Taiwanese kind that’s served with peanut sauce. It’s a little dry and heavy, bad idea to get when you already have so much dumplings and buns stuff your stomach with.

The pickled cucumber are very good. They also sell variety of breads for take-out only (wheat, flower-bun, etc). We bought some Brown Sugar Buns and steamed at home, the mild sweetness is very pleasant. Joan concluded that she prefer Kingburg to Luscious Dumpling.

Kingburg Kitchen (626) 282-2386
715 W. Las Tunas Dr. San Gabriel, CA 91776

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7 Responses to “Kingburg Kitchen (San Gabriel)”

  1. seat says:

    Argh~~~ drooling over the fried buns!! Dan dan noodles are soba-ish in colour, are they buckwheat noodles?

  2. valentine says:

    made-to-order sounds really good. definitely blog-worthy!!

    Are Dan dan noodles 韃靼そば?

  3. Freda says:

    Seat, the noodle are regular white noodle, the peanut sauce made it look like soba color. ^^;;

    Val, the Japanese ramen version is 担担麺 (Tan tan men), but I didn’t expect the Taiwnaese version to be a dry peanut sauce noodle…^^:;

  4. valentine says:

    ohh tantan men!!
    no soup cuz it’s summer version? 😀

  5. bigtimefoodies says:

    IMO…Kingburg’s noodle itself is def better than luscious dumpling…texture and the way it’s cooked, however, flavor wise…luscious is better.

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