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Golden Deli (San Gabriel)

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Spring roll, Sausage and Shrimp cake Bun $6 Big portion, incredibly delicious ingredients. I can never get enough of this.
Ching Po Leung The drink is a traditional Chinese cooling tonic soup that taste like a dessert (see recipe). Yum! The Shrimp Crepe is alright.

DSC04325.jpgSo we went back to line up at Golden Deli, it was almost three when we got there and we still had to wait. The line never stopped even after we finished at nearly 4 o’ clock.

Golden Deli
815 W Las Tunas Dr. San Gabriel, CA 91776-1071

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3 Responses to “Golden Deli (San Gabriel)”

  1. seat says:

    I want to try the “Bun”~~ I never see it in Vietnamese restaurants here!
    Ching Po Leung…I have heard the name but I don’t think I have ever tried it….^^;; One of my Japanese friends went to Taiwan and tried it and sent me a picture but I didn’t know what it was!!

  2. My #1 vietnamese restaurant in SGV. Never had bad egg rolls or bowls of pho there in the 10+ years i’ve been going there.

  3. Freda says:

    Hi eatdrinknbmerry, they’re my #1 fav. in SGV too! I tried their sister restaurant “Saigon Flavors” on Valley and it’s just as good too (with slightly fewer crowds).

    Seat, you never had Ching Po Leung before? Strange that the Vietnamese restaurant in Japan don’t offer “Bun”, maybe it’s called something else. there’re veggie salad underneath the noodle, it’s great for summer! In chinese it’s “Moung”.