La Belle Epoque (ラ・ベル・エポック)

6500yen lunch course. Menu here.
Amuse-bouche: Melon and duck meat. Many layers of potato, beetroot, carrot etc. Cranberry bread, and cumin bread with pumpkin seeds.
Maguro tuna tartare on jelly made from bell pepper and tomato. Avocado cream in between.
Chiled broad bean soup with Parme ham flavoured mascarpone cream.
Pan-fried whiting, tomato and aubergine gateau, Nice-style sauce with olive, caper, anchovy and herb.
Grilled baby lamb chop with Dijon mustard and herb, and spring vegetables.

0705030031Berry jelly with lavender soup. Main dessert is mousse made from cream and egg and wine, with grapefruit jelly and pineapple sauce. Petit fours from a wagon.

A French restaurant inside Hotel Okura. Food is overall quite good. Very light-tasting. Portion a bit small….the fish is tiny! My friend remarked that you can probably eat this kind of French even when you get old…in fact other customers were mainly elderly. ^^;;; I heard that this French restaurant is famous for heavy sauces and traditional French-style and big portion…that’s why I wanted to try this place in the first place. I wonder if the chef is different. The service is brilliant though. Very attentive and warm. There was a 40-something couple celebrating birthday behind us and also an Omiai going on in the private room….
La Belle Epoque
Add: 12F, Hotel Okura Bekkan, Toranomon 2-10-4, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-3505-6073

Il Teatro(Four Seasons Hotel)

060810 029.jpg060810 030.jpg

060810 033.jpgBanana pancake and French toast. I saw this hotel breakfast on TV and it looked really good, so dragged a friend to try with me. Well, another example that TV gourmet recommendations are not trustworthy. Both are no good! The French toast is so dry that it gets stuck in your throat and won’t go down. There are orange puree and nuts in the toast, and apple cinnamon on top. Very little or no egg. My friend’s pancake is slightly better, but really, nothing special, you need to add a lot of syrup and butter to get it down your throat. We ordered coffee and it came up to 2700~yen each.
Four Seasons Hotel