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December 10, 2009 4

El Rincon Criollo (Culver City)

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My friends were craving oxtail, so we came to El Rincon Criollo, the other Cuban restaurant on the westside that’s rival to the more well known Versailles. I heard that they have pretty good oxtail here. The interior is lovely! It is small, bright and merry~ The bread taste so Cuban, it is not sticky, […]


August 27, 2009 1

Pampas Grill (Culver City)

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The popular Brazilian BBQ stall Pampas Grill at Farmer’s Market has setup a restaurant at Culver City. Like the stall at Farmer’s market, it’s buffet style.  I often make the mistake of loading up the plate with too much cheese bread before getting to the meat part. Once you’re at the BBQ area, it’s a […]


October 19, 2008 6

Gloria’s Cafe (Culver City)

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Gloria Cafe may look like a bar from the outside with its neon sign and dark interior, but it’s actually a Salvadorian/Mexican restaurant operate by friendly owner Gloria and her family. There’s a sign saids Pupusa outside highlighting their specialty. The rest of the menu offers a variety of meat and seafood dishes. A table […]

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October 9, 2008 9

Royal/T (Culver City)

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Last year when I first heard about Royal-T I felt rather ambivalent about it. The idea of reinventing “Maid cafe” into a hip artsy thing is just such an oxymoron. For those who’re familiar with maid cafes in Japan would know that they’re for otakus. It’s a geeky thing, it’s not supposed to be hip. […]

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October 1, 2008 1

Metro Cafe (Culver City)

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I came to this Serbian restaurant (that looks like a 50s diner from outside) Metro Cafe 2 years ago, and oh my…the owner remembered me! He even remembered where I sat and what I ordered! 😀 Their dinner menu is the same as lunch, this time I came with a Serbian friend~ Buratta over Peppers […]