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Metro Cafe (Culver City)

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I came to this Serbian restaurant (that looks like a 50s diner from outside) Metro Cafe 2 years ago, and oh my…the owner remembered me! He even remembered where I sat and what I ordered! 😀

Their dinner menu is the same as lunch, this time I came with a Serbian friend~
Buratta over Peppers Salad
Buratta over Peppers Salad.
The Buratta cheese has the texture of a fluffy runny scramble egg. The refreshing taste of the cheese constrast with the sweet grilled pepper, very delicious.

GaspachoStew of Oxtail Meat with Rigatoni
The owner treated us the Heirloom Tomatoes Gazpacho. The heirloom tomatoes flavors were incredibly sweet and fresh. Stew of Oxtail Meat with Rigatoni: heavy and flavorful. The meat was a little tougher than what I expect from a stew.

The Serbian Chevapchichi (Cevapcici): grilled minced blended of three types of beef. It is so yummy~ It has a tight and chewy texture with lightly crisp surface. My friend said they eat it with onions. I thought it taste familiar, it’s only later I found out I’ve had it before at Aroma Cafe‘s, the Chevapi Sandwich. Metro Cafe‘s have a more complex and fine flavor.

I also met three friends of Triple Creme. 😉 They saw my camera and asked if I’m a food blogger like their friend. The funny thing is I found out this place originally from her blog!

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  1. seat says:

    What does your Serbian friend think of the food?
    Once I went to a lunch party and someone came up to me and said she liked my blog. At that time I didn’t know who she was, then later found out that she has a food blog which….I have linked(of course without permission) in my blog! ^^;;;