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Hwang Hae Do (Koreatown)

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My friend took me to this Korean place specialized in Bulgogi BBQ that’s cooked in broth. It looked a bit shabby from the outside, but it’s actually bright and roomy inside. We got the Lunch set, $19 for each person.


The set came with abundance of delicious, homemade small side dishes. The Pancake is thin and crepe-like, very yum!


Among the side dishes, there are two hot stoned bowls: miso tofu stew and steamed egg. I enjoyed them very much.


The main dish: Bulgogi cooked in Broth with Onion and Radish. The flavor is more subtle and natural. The thinly sliced beef are deeply flavored with the sweetness from onion. It’s so juicy and delicious. I like it much more than the usual BBQ.


They provide you different ingredients (vegetables, spicy miso sauce, etc )so you can dress up the cooked beef yourself. I like to eat the beef wrapped with mint leaf. Later on the waitress added Glass noodles, Glutinous Rice Cakes and Mushroom to the pot. The noodles soaked up the now wonderfully flavored beef onion broth, my goodness it’s so good.

The portion is unbelievably huge. We barely touched the side dishes and we ended up with half of the beef to take home. I wish they’ll let two of us sharing one person’s portion.

Hwang Hae Do
429 N Western Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90189

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3 Responses to “Hwang Hae Do (Koreatown)”

  1. seat says:

    The added noodles/rice at the end of a hotpot is always the best, but you are usually already full by then. The rice cake is “deokbokki”(sp?) right? I love those~ I have only eaten them with sweet chilli sauce.

  2. Freda says:

    It’s like having cheese course after 6-7 meat/fish course…^^;;

  3. Jiyon says:

    glad that you like the food~ 🙂
    it is one of my favorites place