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Hotel Sacher (Vienna: Opera House)

By in Vienna

The next day we went to try the original Sachertorte from Hotel Sacher.

The restaurant was full, so we went to their cafe side which supposed to have the same menu. The boutique + restaurant + cafe + bar combine area is bigger than Demel. The decor, however, was old school classical (not that pretty nor impressive though).


Sachertorte from Sacher. Win hands down! I prefer Sacher’s than Demel’s. Rich chocolate and fruity apricot jam coat both stands out and compliment each other well. The texture is fresh and moist. I could now see the appeal of Sachertorte. Great with a cup of coffee.


French influenced cakes: Chocolate Mousse and Apple Cake. The Chocolate mousse was so rich. Both were very good quality and tasty.


We had so many coffee in Vienna that I couldn’t keep track what they were. They have lots of ‘fancy coffee’, most are creamy, sweet with liquor. All good~ I usually get Melange (with hot milk and whipped cream on top) or Grosser brauner (served with coffee flavor cream).


We were actually hungry so we ordered soups as well (savory first, the sweets that follow would be more wonderful). Vienness soups usually served with dumplings or other garnishes. All the soups we had this trip were all surprisingly GOOD!

Potato Soup, so good and flavorful, it got a wonderful smell of baked potatoes and smoky bacon. Frittatensuppe: pancakes seasoned with herbs and cut into thin strips and served in bouillon. The pancake added a buttery flavor, almost egg noodle like. Very good!

Decor and location wise, I prefer the Parisienne-esque Demel over Sacher’s old school bourgeois vibe.

Hotel Sacher

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7 Responses to “Hotel Sacher (Vienna: Opera House)”

  1. valentine says:

    Sachertorte from Sacher definitely looks better! (*^o^*)
    I like the “seal” shaped chocolate better, too!
    you even get whipped cream too~❤

  2. Joan says:

    The whipped cream help balance the rich chocolate too. Actually I couldn’t finish that slice by myself. Though every person in the cafe who order sachertorte finished theirs…

  3. valentine says:

    being asian, we’re not as good at digesting high calorie food like meat and chocolate….b( ̄o ̄)
    next time, take a tea-bag (oolong maybe?) w/you
    and see if that neutralizes the chocolate!! haha

  4. Christine says:

    Hey girls – you got the “big” Sachertorte (i’m so jealous ^o^)! When we went to Hotel Sacher we wanted to sample everything so got the little square Sachertortes (just slightly bigger than the size of a truffle). Like you described – absolute bite-size heaven that melted in my mouth. Hotel Sacher’s cappuccino was also out of this world and paired perfect with the Sachertorte.
    A funny story (i think i told Freda) – coming out of Hotel Sacher, we heard a loud vacationing American family from across the street. Their teenage daughters were complaining how they couldn’t find a Starbucks for the longest time, and then finally did…(yes, there was a Starbucks on the opposite street corner, and yes, the entire family had Starbucks drinks…). I doubt they cared they were right across the street from Hotel Sacher, or the fact they’re in Vienna, a city renowned for its coffee…

  5. seat says:

    I wonder the Starbucks in Vienna sells Sachertorte…
    I did some searching and seems like Hotel Sacher hasn’t opened a branch in Japan. How unusual. ^^;;;
    Frittatensuppe sounds so weird…but want to try!!
    I actually really don’t like cream on coffee but the ones in pictures look good!

  6. Freda says:

    I thought of getting samplers, but then I thought: wait I need to have good photos~ yeah I spotted at least two Starbucks in Vienna (right outside the Palace and Opera House, the two most touristy areas ^^;;). I wonder ‘how do they survive?’ well now I know who go there.

    Haha I’m surprise Seat, I thought Tokyo has every branch of European confectionery/patisserie/chocolatier.^^;; One ‘advantage’ of Vienna’s ‘cake scene’ compare to Paris is that, Most of Vienna’s Patisseries have seat-in area. While people in Paris are used to buy take out and eat at home/picnic, most bakery/cake shop don’t have cafe area…

  7. hels says:

    oh I am in love!
    I spent a week in Vienna and ate/drank myself around the entire centre of the city. I would have stayed longer but couldn’t afford the accommodation, food or bigger clothes.

    thanks for the link
    Art and Architecture, mainly