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Honey Pig (Koreatown)

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Part 2 of the unplanned “Eat around Koreatown” day. When the topic of Pork Belly BBQ came up, we ditched our ‘light dinner’ plan and came to Honey Pig, a place specialized in Korean pork belly BBQ.

Their big cartoon pig logo is hard to miss, yet somehow I left it out of my camera frame. The photo on the right is the patio seating, which is always the prefer choice as it gets very smokey indoor.

First we got the Special Pork Belly. Very fatty and lightly salted. The pool of grease it left off on the grill was overwhelming (the “did I just consume all these oil and fat?” aftershock).

The grill came with kimchi, beansprout, squid and a huge plate of vegetable. The BBQ onion and garlic added flavors For the 2nd serving we tried the Regular Pork Bellies which I prefer, it was less fatty more thinly sliced.

Other than wrapping the meat with lettuce (would be nice with mint leaf too), they came with these rice crepe as well (I love both ways). The green onions added a lot too.

The Sesame oil + salt dipping sauce is simple yet added so much aroma and flavor to the meat. After we finished both servings of meat, they pour kimchi and rice on top of our greasy grill. Btw my friend told me this post-BBQ rice serving is not a traditional practice, several places popularize it in contemporary Korea and it’s now practiced everywhere.

After the meal I felt so greasy inside out…what an unhealthy dinner compare to the healthy lunch. But it was tasty.

Honey Pig
3400 W 8th St. Los Angeles, CA 90005

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4 Responses to “Honey Pig (Koreatown)”

  1. seat says:

    The grease that came out from the pork was left on the grill so the pork you ate must have less fat! Though the rice you put the grill at the end probably soaked back up all the grease eventually…^^;;

  2. bobblebot says:

    Um… it’s not really “Honey Pig”. It’s called “kkul dwehji” — which means “oink/oinking pig”, but it’s mistakenly called “honey” pig because “kkuL” on its own literally means “honey.”

    I guess like the word “honey” — same word, but when paired up with others or on its own, totally different meaning.

  3. Alicia says:

    i think some places they serve cold noodle instead of rice
    but reading this post has remind me haven’t eat Korean bbq for a long while!
    need to check out this place sometime!

  4. Freda says:

    Thanks for the information, bobblebot. Oinking Pig would be a better name to suit the cartoon logo.

    Seat, there is a channel/opening thing on the side of grill that let the oil dripped down to a container, but still…^^;;