July 29, 2008 4

Original Pantry Cafe (Downtown)

By in 06: Downtown LA

The night was still early (midnight), so there were no lines in this classic 24 hours diner at Downtown. The interior reminds me of old school Manhattan.

The menu is on the wall. There’s something very satisfying about eating breakfast at late night.

My friends’ omelette and steaks.

The sourdoughs are surprisingly good~ I’m never a fan but I like how fluffy it is. The potatoes are very good as well: crispy on the outside and moist and non-starchy inside. I couldn’t stop eating them.

Another friend’s Philly Sandwich, and my simple generic Eggs and Bacon.

Original Pantry Cafe
877 S Figueroa St Los Angeles, CA 90017

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4 Responses to “Original Pantry Cafe (Downtown)”

  1. seat says:

    The steak looks so black, and very “lonely” on the plate without sauce or anything on the side(at least can put a few pieces of carrot or peas).

  2. valentine says:

    haha, yeah I know, there is something comforting about breakfast late at night…definitely fun.

  3. matt says:

    i actually like that steak by itself, just with juices and seasoning. i like the idea of steak and eggs at midnight, sounds like a winning combination.

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