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Johannes (Palm Springs)

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Went to Palm Springs over the holidays. It’s not known as gourmet town out there in the desert (even though there are a lot of $$$ steakhouses), but we did found some pleasant surprises!

During research, the food from Johannes during research was described as “cosmopolitan” and “Pan-Asian-Austrian cuisine.” It sounded like one of the more exciting restaurants in that region.


The Mushroom soup is absolutely fine! So delicious~


Roasted Foie Gras with Gooseberries, the used of berries gave a nice winter central European flavor. I thought the foie gras are a bit under seasoned and the berries are a bit too sweet and sour for it.


Kangaroo with Plum Sauce and Roasted Bosc Pear. Wow the Kangaroo meat is so lean and tender, very flavorful and tasty. The pear gave a very ‘perfumed’ winter spice flavor.


Vietnamese Tiger Prawns and Yellow Thai Curry Sauce. The prawn are so fresh and sweet. The curry sauce is light but tasty.


Dessert sampler (from right to left): Apple Strudel “The Best Ever” (despite the quotation remark, I was never a fan of aple strudel). Tahitian Vanilla Creme Brulee. Bread Pudding.

Hearty but not heavy, it was a very good winter meal. The sauce and flavors tend to run a bit toward the sweet side because of the fruity berries ingredients, but I enjoyed all the dishes nontheless. The fusion menu looked exciting and I feel like trying more.

Johannes Restaurant

196 S Indian Canyon Dr Palm Springs, CA 92262-6604

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  1. Karen says:

    you know so much about food, you sound like a judge on top chef!!!