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The Park (Echo Park)

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The parkIt’s nice to see more gourmet type of restaurant opens in Echo Park, especially one that is moderately price. The Park is a small neighbourhood bistro where all entrees are under $20 (the most expensive dish was $16). The menu is small and eclectic, all the entrees sound interesting.

Jon and I walked in without reservation on a Friday night so we had to wait a little bit. The vibe was causal though I found the design of the interior space to be a bit unpleasant. The lighting was way too dark (the picture on the left was brighten with photoshop) that I could hardly see my food. It is too bad as I think seeing the food is just as important as the smelling and tasting when comes to appreciating a meal.

The park

Appetizer: wild mushroom galette Sauteed wild mushrooms, slow roasted tomatoes, arugula, fontina cheese, thyme & truffle salt. $8. Pretty good.

The park

Jon got the Grilled 8 oz. Petit Tender with saffron cream “surf” sauce, french fries & sauteed spinach. $15  He said the meat was a little dry and over coooked a bit for a medium, but it’s still good. Next time better get medium rare. The sauce was “peppery”. We both love the fries.

The park

Duck confit
with stewed white beans & French Sauerkraut with bacon & sausage. $16 Very delicious. The duck was well cook and I love the sauce. The sauerkraut were great too.

The park

Apple tart with caramel. It was so-so and a bit too much caramel sauce.

Overall the meal was satisfying and the price was good for what they are. They used to be BYOB (bring your own booze) with no corkage fee which would have make the meal even more affordable, but I got an email from them saying that’s no longer the case. Check their  blog for nightly specials.

The Park

1400 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 482-9209

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4 Responses to “The Park (Echo Park)”

  1. TonyC says:

    while the food is perfectly fine, the absurd attitude exuded by the owner/front of the house on our visit was just inexcusable.

    we’re happy your restaurant is doing well so please show SOME form of appreciation to those waiting 30min+ in line to eat at your joint, and NOT cop an attitude when people want to make resevations…

  2. Joan says:

    Yes it was too bad the hostess (owner?) wasn’t attentive at the front of the house. We were lucky to walk in right when she’s there so we were acknowledged and was told to wait. Then she disappears and the people who came after us didn’t know what to do and confused.

  3. david says:

    wow, they are amazing everytime i go there. but then again, i work in a restaurant, and understand that sometimes people get stressed. give them a break people…

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