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kogi truck
Finally tried the famous Kogi, the Korean BBQ “fusion” taco truck that started the whole “hip” food truck trend. Kogi rarely make stops around where I work, so when we found out from the very useful Find LA food Truck that it’s stopping near Amoeba one evening, a group of us head out for it immediately. Kogi is known for long queue due to its popularity, but the line wasn’t so bad when we were there. We waited perhaps 10-15 mintues or so.

kogi truck
Korean Short rib taco $2

Excuse the messiness, the sauce spilled all over due to the walk back to the office. The tacos are pretty good! The short rib was tender and it’s hard to go wrong with the Kalbi sauce. The chopped veggies and sesame seeds are nice touch that works well with the meat. I also got the Korean Spicy pork Burrito (not in picture) which I brought home for Freda. The sauce is spicy and sweet, it’s delicious (and filling) as well.

kogi truckkogi truck

My friends got the Kogi Sliders and dessert ChocoLate Tres Leches.
The meat is the same as the tacos, my friend actually preferred the sliders over the tacos because he thought the slider bun tasted better with the meat than the tortilla. The Chocolate tres leches was surprisingly yummy, inside is tapioca milk.

Now I can kind of see what the fuss is all about, and I like they’re so cheap. But I don’t think it’s worth to wait in line for more than 20 minute (I heard people once waited at least an hour for it?). I’m glad I waited till the hype die off to try it.

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