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Chifa (Philadelphia)

By in 11: Philadelphia

One of the first impression I got from Philly’s dining scene (not the cheesesteak, I didn’t have any) is that establishments from Iron Chef Jose Garces dominates the city. Philly’s downtown isn’t that big but it got touches from Iron chefs all over (Iron Chef Morimoto also has one restaurant down the block).


Chifa serves tapas that’s a fusion of Cantonese and Peruvian (Chifa is supposed to be “eating” in Chinese, but shouldn’t it be Chifan or Sigfan if it’s Cantonese?). Fusion tends to sound questionable but the menu sounds fun. I was cold and hungry as well.


The interior (esp. the bar area) is very slick and clubby. Complimentary: Cheese Bread with yummy sweet and spicy dippings, I could stuff myself full with this alone.


Chaufa: stir fried rice with chorizo, mango, edamame, soy glazed scallops. 9   It’s a bowl of  fried rice with more lime flavors. It’s very flavorful and yummy, but half way thru I wished it were Chinese sausage instead of chorizo.


Yuca Fries with Red Chile Mayo. Very oily and the sauce wasn’t enough, it would have been a good bar food. I wished I ordered vegetable instead.

Somehow Chinese and Southern America fusion tends to work for me  (ie: Cuban Fried Rice). The waiters are very friendly and got me interested into trying the Iron Chef’s other restaurants, which I’ll blog later. This seems like a fun but less popular place among the Jose Garces family.

707 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, PA 19106

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3 Responses to “Chifa (Philadelphia)”

  1. Paul says:

    “Chifa is supposed to be “eating” in Chinese, but shouldn’t it be Chifan or Sigfan if it’s Cantonese?”

    In Peru they call the (very popular among locals) Chinese restaurants “Chifa”. I’d love to try this place. While eating at an LA Peruvian restaurant the other day I mentioned that I was surprised that there aren’t any Chifas here considering the trend for fusion and the awesomeness of Peruvian food.

  2. tomoko says:

    wow, mango and edamame and chorizo!
    how multi-national ^0^
    it seems like such a delicate balance, its something that I’d never be able to make myself!
    I would love to try it some day!

  3. Freda says:

    Hi Paul, thank you so much for explaining to me! “Chifa” fusion needs to spread in LA! 😀

    Tomoko, the ingredients sound like it’s make-able ourselves right? But good fried rice needs good fire and ‘wok’ heat, which is messy and greasy~