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Dutch Eating Place (Philadelphia)

By in 11: Philadelphia

Instead of cheesesteak, the one thing that pops up in my mind about Philadelphia is Amish people. I got excited when I found that there IS an Amish diner at the downtown’s farmer’s market!


The Dutch Eating Place. If weren’t for the cooks and waitresses’s clothing, it looks just like any ordinary classic American diner. There are also bible verses posted on the cabinet walls. The cooking ingredients are said to be from their own farm, hence the freshness.


The Pancakes. This is what everyone raves about, and I agree it is incredible! I’ve never had a more fluffy and smooth pancake ever. The wedge of homemade butter they gave you is also very…err ‘classic’ size (another customer requested a whole thick slice of it, so I can tell how jaw droppingly ‘tall’ the brick of butter it is).

The waitress also gave us a couple of their 2012 mini calendars to spread their gospel (and business) around~

Dutch Eating Place
1136 Arch Street., Philadelphia, PA 19107

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4 Responses to “Dutch Eating Place (Philadelphia)”

  1. tomoko says:

    aaah the pankake looks SO good XD
    makes me think of pancakes that Ma
    made in Little House on the Prairy!!

  2. tomoko says:

    oh and haha, is “classic size” now the politically correct
    term for large? ^0^

  3. Freda says:

    Even the waitress and cooks dressed like Little House on Prairie too! ^^;;

  4. seat says:

    Slowing going thru your old entries now….you’ve been eating well HA!! XD

    The pancake looks really good!! I bet it has more calories than a cheese steak! ^^;;; But of course I’d rather eat the pancake too.