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Amada (Philadelphia)

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After I went to Iron Chef Jose Garces‘s Cantonese/Peruvian fusion place Chifa, I went to try his flagship tapas place Amada. It is located at the heart of the tourist area, and it’s crazily packed.


I managed to grab the last seat at the bar. The interior is dark and busy


I got the sangria $7: Spiced Red Wine with Orange, Apple and Cinnamon. A complimentary dips and flatbread.


From the traditional tapas menu: House Cured Sardines, Pine Nut & Olive. It’s salty and fishy, it went well with the drink but still it was too much to eat (one would be enough).


Seasonal Wild Mushroom. 14  A little underwelming for me as it’s mostly grilled Enoki and Oyster mushroom (something I cooked myself often).


From the meat menu: Chicken Breast with Fried Egg, Mojama & Truffle. Tasty and impressive even for  someone who avoid chicken breast normally (why did I order then? It was because of the fried egg and truffle…).


Arroz Con Leche: Saffron Rice Pudding with Blackberry Compete, Lemon Jam, Cinnamon Bric, Fromage Blanc. $6 This is actually the highlights of the night for me, the flavor is not too strong but rather complex and comforting.

Perhaps I didn’t order right, I ended up a bit underwelmed. I didn’t get blown away by the flavors, and the place feels a bit too major attraction for my comfort.

217-219 Chestnut Street., Philadelphia PA 19106

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