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Marouch Lebanese Restaurant (Hollywood)

By in 04: Los Feliz

DSC04200.jpgDSC04202.jpgDSC04241.jpgLast week we had a dinner party for Charle’s birthday at Marouch Lebanese Restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd. According to Charles who’s Lebanese, this place serves the best Lebaonese food in LA! The restaurant located in a quite ghetto area, many colleagues were quite worried about their “very nice” cars parking on the street. ^^;; The interior of the restaurant is very nice and cozy. We got 3 bottles of Chateau Ksara (Lebanese Wine), $35 each. There were about 18 (?) of us and we got 3 of their appetizers course Meza for six, $75 each.


1st pix:Labneh, sour cream with mint, garlic olive oil and tabouleh , Lebanese salad.
2nd pix: Baba Chanoug, dip made of garlic eggplant, lemon and sesame paste and Hummos, dip made of garbanzo beans with garlic, lemon and sasame seed paste
3rd pix: Grape leaves, grape leaves stuffed with rice and chopped veggie and Pita bread
4th pix: Fool Mudammas, Fava beans seasoned with lemon juice, garlic and olive oil.
5th pix: Sujok, Armenian sausage and Bastourma, Armenian Salami.
6th pix: Fatayer, turnover with 3 different insides: spinach, cheese and beef.

DSC04215.jpgDSC04216.jpgDSC04228.jpgDSC04234.jpgDSC04240.jpg1st pix: Makanek, Lebanese sausage and Fattouch, a Lebanese salad.
2nd pix: Kebbeh, Lean veal mixed with crushed wheat, stuffed with seasoned ground beef and pine nuts, deep fried.
3rd pix: Falafel, ground garbanzo and fava beans seasoned and deep fried.
4th pix: Entrees: Shawarma Combination, a giant plate of very deliciously grilled meat: Beef, chikcen and Gyros (lamb). All the meat are so juicy, tender and just sooo yummy! They’re served with rice, pickleds and pita bread. We got 3 plates of this for our party.
5th pix: Mahalabieh, Lebanese rice pudding topped with pistachios and rose water. Very unique tasting, good!

Everything tasted really good, I was burstly fulled and felt very satisfying. The down side is that, I (and few other collegues, including the bday boy) gotta go back to work. 🙁 I had to work till 1:00 am >__<.

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2 Responses to “Marouch Lebanese Restaurant (Hollywood)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh my god, so much food and they all look sooooooo EXOTIC!!! Big party is great cos you can try everything~~~I want to try everything~~~~X0

    But really can’t imagine working after all those food and drinks….poor you guys….work suddenly came up that you didn’t expect?

  2. Joan says:

    Yeah don’t you just love seeing exotic food that you don’t know what to expect taste wise, then turns out they taste really good?

    I got changes to do which is due next morning, so…Y__Y