July 24, 2005 3

Alcove (Los Feliz)

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DSC04707.jpgBrunch at Alcove (see old entry). Cobb Omelette (bacon, avacado, blue cheese) was huge and heavy. The Spinach Egg Puff with Cheese was so-so, the puff too soggy and cheese layer a bit too rubbery texture for my liking. Unlike that red velvet cake last time, the St. Honore cake was fantastic! It was marron & egg custard. They’re redeemed in their pastry department in my eyes ^^;;

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3 Responses to “Alcove (Los Feliz)”

  1. seat says:

    Oh but this kind of heavy food has a devilish appeal – egg, cheese, bacon, pastry, and in huge portion~~~. Of course I will feel sick afterwards and regret it, but it is something you can’t find in Japan!!

    The chestnut is very dark colour?? Looks good~~

  2. Freda says:

    Exactly, it’s comfort food but afterward, feel soooo buttery, eggy, chessy and stuffy~~ XO Oh maybe you can only find food like this in bad American chained diner in Japan (like Denny’s or something ^^:;;)

  3. seat says:

    Dennys are very very Japanese styled here; they are hamburger and stuff too but very small portion not so heavy kind.