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Morimoto (Philadelphia)

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I went back to Philly for the 3rd time for the last few weeks. This time I finally tried Morimoto, a restaurant from the famouos Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. The menu is creative Japanese. It’s famous for its omakase (multi-course tasting menu) that’s priced at 80, 120 and up. I was only there for a quick dinner and lunch.


The interior is stunning. Big, open and beautifully illuminated space with organic lines. Though have to say I found the design to be a bit dated looking. The stationary lamp on each table is a bit in the way too.


The door front is very minimal, but it stands out among the historic buildings. I got Aji and Madai (only came in one), fresh and good. Though given how high end the place is, the wasabi was not the real kind I was expecting. I missed LA at that moment…


White Fish Carpaccio yuzu soy, hot oil, and mitsuba leaf. Beautifully plated, though the dressing was a bit predictable tasting. The center piece is an edible soy paper.


Soba carbonara with bacon, edamame, scallops, parmesan and truffle 14 I got the appetizer size and it’s filling for one already. It is DELICIOUS!  Soba worked surprisingly nice with the thin carbonara sauce. The sweetness of scallops and the texture of edamame compliment the flavor so well. I love it so much that I tried to cook it myself following the recipe…but my first attempt was a failure.

Black sesame Mousse cake – goma mousse, sea salt mousse, flourless chocolate cake, dark chocolate ganache. Wow…this is my ideal dessert comes true as I tend to have a strange obsession with all things black sesame. Both the mousse and the dark chocolate ganache was so smooth and silky…it is divine! The sea salt mousse help resetting the palate. And even better, it was topped with a black sesame macaron.

I came back for lunch when Joan visited me one weekend:

Rice burger with kobe beef. It’s the high end gourmet version of the Mos Rice Burger. Wow…it is SO good. The kobe beef are unbelievably and unforgettably tender and flavorful.

I tend to enjoy the high end youshoku (Rice Burger, Soba Carbonara) more. Just these two alone made me wanting to come back again and again. As for the Omakase…someday…someday…

723 Chestnut Street. Philadelphia, PA 19106

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2 Responses to “Morimoto (Philadelphia)”

  1. Wow- I think I want to eat everything, especially that rice burger and the black sesame dessert (I, too, am obsessed w/ kuro goma ANYTHING!). Great pics, and what a gorgeous restaurant. Love your blog!

  2. rocco says:

    that’s because morimoto uses real wasabi… (root) -.-