August 19, 2005 3

Jin Patisserie (Abbot Kinney)

By in 15: Venice

Lunch here with Yan, who worked in Bl:nd at Santa Monica and has became my lunch buddies. So I’ve tried their cakes, chocolates and big cake, I realized they have lunch sets too. Two kinds: Quiche or Sandwich. The Quiche are ok, but the sandwich was too plain (nothing inside by regular ham and salad green, and a thin stingy barely noticable slice of butter). -,-;;; The cakes came with the sets are very mini-bite size, my Louvre was very frozen and old. Next time just stick with their cakes. I have yet to try their Afternoon tea set though…^^;;;

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3 Responses to “Jin Patisserie (Abbot Kinney)”

  1. tomoko says:

    the cakes look reeally big in the pics 😀

  2. seat says:

    Same opinion as tomoko, cakes look big!! ^^;;; Maybe they give old left-over cakes as desserts for lunch sets? Afternoon set will probably sandwich as well though!

  3. Freda says:

    Picture can be misleading ^^;; just compare the berries on top of the pyramid cake to this, that’d show the scale difference ^^;;.
    The afternoon tea sets are a tray of mini-size cakes and scone…not exactly lunch-filling type of food, but hey it’d work for my stomach ^^;;