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Lazy Ox Canteen (Little Tokyo)

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I could still remember Baco Night and the $30 Three Course Prix Fixe at the long gone Opus Restaurant. Chef Josef Centeno have since moved on, and his latest establishment is Lazy Ox Canteen at Little Tokyo. It is a wine bar with inventive small plates.

Lazy OzLazy Oz

Wine of the day are featured on the chalkboard. Each table is given peanuts that’s seasoned with lime and chile. This flavor combination would appear in a lot of dishes. Other than the daily menu on paper, there’s also a huge regular menu written on the blackboard (it can be overwhelming!)

Lazy Oz

Pig Ear “Chicharon” with Radish Salad & Lime 9. The pig ear’s gooey textures is contrast with the crispy surface . The lime flavor made it quite an addictive snacks. Though it’s the type of dish that I wouldn’t order often.

Lazy Oz

Dashi Marinated Yellowtail with Avocado, Hash brown & Tonburi 15  A wonderful dish inspired by Japanese, Mexican and American flavors. It is also surprisingly hearty.

Lazy OzLazy Oz

Braised Beef Lengua Ravioli with Spiced Lebni, toasted pine nuts & dry chile 12. The beef tongue is beefy but tender, however the pasta skin is a bit too soft. We also got a Mango Duck Pate another time, it was smooth and very delicious.

Lazy Oz

Brick Roasted Mussels with Basil, White Wine, House made Sriracha & French Feta 16  The broth is very rich and strong tasting, it’s a pleasing dish that goes well with wine.

Lazy Oz

Chocolate Mousse. Wow this is so lovely! The chocolate flavor is rich but not sweet. The taste is enhanced by the salty crisp sprinkled on top .

Lazy Oz

I came back here for lunch, and they have a limited menu. Their Burger is also very good. I like the Crispy Pork Belly Burger (not in photo) even more.

Their palate tends to be on the strong side (good for wine pairing). From the ones I sampled so far, their menu seems to gear toward a sour & spicy (lime and chile) combination. I want to come back to try more, as their menu is so big. I think place showcase how cultural diverse and interesting the SoCal food landscape is.

Lazy Ox Canteen
241 S San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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