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Paper or Plastik Cafe (Vista Heights)

By in 07: Mid-Wilshire

We’ve been on hiatus because of Joan’s big W-day and now that’s finally over, I can update with lots of new posts (ah I missed blogging).

A new coffee shop has opened at the Mid-Wilshire Vista Heights neighborhood called Paper or Plastik Cafe. It’s a delight to know that this stretch of Pico got another neighborhood gem! This coffee shop is also a front for a ballet studio and an upstair boutique.

Paper or Plastik

The warehouse interior does make the place feel a bit cold (didn’t feel like LA for some reason). There’s a florist shop upstairs at the loft, i wish there were more green downstairs as well.

Paper or PlastikPaper or Plastik

They served baked goods from Cake Monkey and Sweets for the Soul and sandwiches from Heirloom LA (whom we will blog about soon, Joan used them for her wedding).

Paper or Plastik
They also served coffee from Intelligensia. Lovely latte painting~

Paper or PlastikPaper or Plastik

I can see this coffee shop being the new community coffee shop, as it has a nice mixed crowd (students, families, young/old couple, etc.). I hanged out here for a few times already, I love the  hint of ballet music from the other side of the wall, and the little glimpse of the dancers whenever the door is open. It’s a chill space to hang out, though i wished there’re more touch of warmth and quirks to soften the industrial feeling.

Paper or Plastik Cafe
5772 W Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019

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5 Responses to “Paper or Plastik Cafe (Vista Heights)”

  1. Sree says:

    My book club meets here next month, so thank you for the preview! I’m crossing my fingers that the food is tasty 🙂

  2. […] excellent service. You can taste their food at various location in LA: Intelligentsia Pasadena, Paper or Plastik cafe and Silver Lake wine. Related Posts:None […]

  3. […] great neighbourhood gems like Bloom and Paper or Plastik cafe, Wilshire Vista becomes an area we go to a lot for wine and dine because it’s low-key, close […]

  4. Great shots, nice closeups.

  5. Consuelo Gomez says:

    Just came across this. Good comments & nice photos. Yasha & Anya and their Paper or Plastik cafe and MiModa Perfomance Studio concept have indeed become a wonderful gathering place in our community.
    FYI, not sure where you came up with expression “Mid-Wilshire Vista Heights”. Maybe you meant “Wilshire Vista”?