September 28, 2005 4

Mousse Fantasy (Sawtelle)

By in 12: Sawtelle, Favorite Food Entries

DSC05829.jpgSpaghetti Omlette, very good! I’m becoming a regular here. ;D But speaking of actual “regular’, I notice this same guy who sat in the corner everytime…

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4 Responses to “Mousse Fantasy (Sawtelle)”

  1. tomoko says:

    is this like omelette with spaghetti inside?
    like omu-rice but omu-spa?
    anyway looks interesting!
    what’s the gravy looking sauce?

  2. Freda says:

    It is like Korean pancakes (shredded potato?), but made with Spaghetti. It’s very good, when I order I wonder how’s that possible ^^;; I think they first mix the spaghetti with a bit of flour + egg, then pan fried the whole thing into an omelette. The gravy is yummy too, sour mushroom sauce I think?

  3. seat says:

    Looks good~~! I have had omelette spa before…somewhere in Ginza. Seems like a Scandinavian dish~~~

  4. RP says:

    Seems very yummy indeed, though it also looks like you’ll gain 5 pounds eating it or something ^^!