November 7, 2005 6

La Vache (San Diego)

By in 18: Greater LA

Onion Soup is very sweet and yum!
The bread is so good! Grilled Duck Salad, very good! *q*

We went down to San Diego over the weekend to check out west elm (furniture store) since the one in LA is not open yet. We drove 2 hours and once we arrived we heard from the phone that the LA one is opening this weekend 🙁 Oh well… We just parked randomly on Hillcrest and dashed right into the the first ok-looking French bistro we saw in emergency of a bursting bladder. ^^;; Turns out it’s pretty good! 😀

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6 Responses to “La Vache (San Diego)”

  1. tomoko says:

    oh my god I used to go here too!
    if its the same one, it used to have a cow logo.
    and you could draw on the table cover.

  2. seat says:

    Did you find anything in the furniture store?

  3. Joan says:

    Yes the logo is a cow!

    Yeah we found lots of stufffs we want from that store, probably gonna buy most stuffs there ^^;;

  4. Freda says:

    Everyone is so relax in there (and ordered wine, some patrons are there only for wine). In fact San Diego people are just generally more relax huh…

  5. tomoko says:

    yeah I totally used to feel the relaxing effect when I go back to san diego ^□^
    less traffic jam, less smog, no harsh weather…

  6. Freda says:

    Yeah, it’s like…almost 2 yet there’re tables of people just sitting there very laid back, talk quietly and drink wine. And people keep coming in. In LA, people laugh/talk so loud inside restaurant and all the freeway traffics errrr…