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Mission 261 (San Gabriel)

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Mission 261 is an ambitious dim sum restaurant that’s aimed for slightly more ‘upscale’ experience. Although the traditional dim sum experience are lacking: no cart (order from check list), no fish tank, no loud chatterings, the food are much more delicate and finer tasting. And the price is okay. It’s not that much more pricey than regular dim sum place. Since it opened we never go to other dim sum places ever again. It locates at a preserved historic Spanish site, the place used to be a Spanish restaurant with these 100 years old grape vines all over. The interior is now a mix of classic Spanish and Chinese style.

They recently updated their menu with lots of new stuffs, so this time we mainly tried the new stuffs and didn’t get some of the regular favorites.


Cocktail Bun 雞尾包 $3.55
Pan Fried Turnip Pudding 煎蘿蔔糕 $3.55
Cocktail Bun is a Hong Kong tyle bread with coconut and custard stuffings. I listed Turnip Pudding among my top 3 most favorite food, and these are just GREAT~ so satisfyig ToT.


Steamed Scallop Rice Pancake 帶子腸 $5.85
The rice skin is very light and glassy, very fresh tasting scallop with special mixed tasty soy sauce


Shang-hai style Siu mai 上海糯米燒賣 $4.25
Steamed Shrimp Dumplings 水晶蝦餃 $3.55
The two 101 items of dim sum culture. I’m too used to the regular pork Siu mai, this is just a ball of sticky rice (yes pan fried with sauce and peanut and lots of subtle taste but it’s still sticky rice~~). I grew up hating Shrimp Dumplings but still have to admit this is really really good~ the dumpling skin is truly crystal-glassy thin (yet sturdy enough) and the shrimps are top notch!


Deep Fried Shrimp Colloid Balls with Cheese 芝士百花蝦球 $4.25
I think it’ll be more yummy if the inside was mayonnaise. The sauce is chili sour plum.


Steamed Rice Pancakes Topped with Diced Meat & Vegetables 滿天星腸粉 $3.55
Simple but not so simple. The diced thingy include Salty Egg yorks 鹹蛋黃, Pressed Dried Vegetable 榨菜, etc. Dippng sauce is Hoi-sin and seseme.


Steamed Sweet Crystal Buns 四式水晶包 $3.55 Green: Greentea, Beige: Lotus seed, Yellow: custard, Purple: Red bean. This is so so, as I never like Asian sweets.

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12 Responses to “Mission 261 (San Gabriel)”

  1. tina says:

    hey, i didn’t know you like asian food !! i never had the Steamed Scallop Rice Pancake and deep fried shrimp colloid balls . i think i am going to give this one a try over the weekend. what else is good on the menu?

  2. seat says:

    The place looks nice~~~~ kinda colonial feel from the pics~~~~But they use Japanese-styled plates, ahaha. I actually prefer ordering from check-list because you don’t have to go around chasing the carts and the food will be freshly made and hot. Yeah I am really tired of siu-mai and prawn dumplings too, but since I haven’t eaten for a looooooong time, would be nice to have them now. The most tempting is Steamed Rice Pancakes Topped with Diced Meat & Vegetables 滿天星腸粉, looks so smooth and white!

    Did you go with your family??

  3. seat says:

    The restaurant’s name is so strange~~~

  4. Joan says:

    what? I never said I don’t like Asian food! ^^;; I told you that I LOOOOVVVEE Thai and vietnamese food very very much and like the the most out of all Asian food. I just don’t like Japanese and Chinese that much that’s all. And Dim Sum is the only Chinese food I’m crazy about. 🙂

    Everything is really good there, try all their standard Dim sum stuffs, they taste better than all the ones out there. In fact they taste better than in HK! All the stuffs they made has a fine touch to them, there are lots of different subtle taste in them. It’s the best Dim Sum place in LA, really! Hey may be we should get a gathering for a brunch there someday!

  5. tina says:

    yeah!!!! we should do brunch, that wil be nice. i never went to dim sun with real cantonese before. most of my HK friends are ABC, so they have no idea what is real good food. and when do you guys do lunch on friday? since i get half day off, i can meet up with you guys for lunch!!!!
    heee, sorry, when i think about asian food, i am only refering to japanese and chinese food (since that’s THE asian food i eat most of the time). yeah, i remember you took me to eat pho once. . . by the way, my friend pei is having a premier of her film on sat. 6pm at art center. if you guys are interested. . .
    i just saw a preview on the grudge, did you guys see the japanese version yet?

  6. Freda says:

    Friday? can’t…No way we’re going to drive from Hollywood back home for lunch ^^;;

    Never saw The Grudge Japanese version, it was showing at NuArt last month. Maybe check out the American remake~~

  7. Freda says:

    Friday? can’t…No way we’re going to drive from Hollywood back home for lunch ^^;;

    Never saw The Grudge Japanese version, it was showing at NuArt last month. Maybe check out the American remake~~

  8. tina says:

    no no no, i mean friday at some other place near IF. . . haaaa, i am not going to make you guys drive all the way back home then go to work again 😀 since i past IF on the way home, we can meet up somewhere close to your area. . . let me know X>

  9. Freda says:

    Tiny that’ll be great~ let’s arrange something later!:D

  10. Joan says:

    And let’s have Dim sum next weekend!

    I want to see the US version of Grudge, but I’m not so sure about the acting of “buffy”…gosh..

  11. tina says:

    okay! just let me know your plan. my art director is going to be out on friday, so i can leave earlier. i can be there around 12:30ish.

    joan, i think there is a wedding i need to go to with veron next sat nite. so let’s have dim sum for sat brunch then!!! i think veron will like that too 😀

  12. tina says:

    as for the US version of Grudge, unless i can get my hands on a japanese version with caption. . . i think i will have to see “buffy in action” XO

    lets go see it together!!