December 27, 2005 1

Clementine (Century City)

By in 10: Beverly Hills

Lunch special: medium rare roasted beef sandwich (yum!) and pea soup. Goat cheese and Pear salad.
DSC08085.jpgThere’s no longer free parking on the side street making going to this cafe either harder (as if the never ending confusing road construction wasn’t bad enough). My x’mas holidays consist of nonstop Holiday shopping…for my mother. I went back to exchange her gifts 4 times. She either complain about how the sweater I got her made her look fat or it has no collar…etc. And 3 of those times were at the crazy Century City mall (I started to hate that place).

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One Response to “Clementine (Century City)”

  1. tomoko says:

    wow, you went 3 times!?
    such a dedicated daughter (T_T)!

    parents are never satisfied, are they.