April 12, 2006 2

Le Marmiton (Marina del Rey)

By in 14: Marina del Rey

DSC09591.jpgThe owner of the charming neighborhood French bistro Le Marmiton (see old entries) opened a sister restaurant in the slick renew mall of Marina del Rey. Even though they share the same name, this new one’s interior is cold, high-end and designed…complete opposite to the original cozy one with homemade pastries and gourmet goodies counter. My disappointment doesn’t stop here: the menu is minimal (half Italian) and more pricey (entree are $20+ range, sandwich $14+). There’s no choice for Pate. I only get 2 small blocks (without the jelly top) and excess of ham. 🙁 It just felt like a completely different restaurant…the kind I normally wouldn’t go. ^^;; I didn’t try their entree or pizza/pasta, maybe they’re redeemable…

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2 Responses to “Le Marmiton (Marina del Rey)”

  1. kob_talent says:

    i like ur blog so much..especially desserts

  2. Freda says:

    Thanks~ 😀