May 29, 2006 4

Sasaya (West LA)

By in 11: West LA

Back here on Wednesday Ladies’ Night last week, drinks were half off~ 😀
Eggplant, Creamcheese Wonton
Beef Tataki and a very delicious house dessert they gave our table after we stayed way too long ;D
DSC09995.jpgI just wrote an entry about this place and usually I don’t post too much repeated visit (because usually by then I’d know my favorite dish and going back for the same thing), but THIS Simmered pork is absolutely AMAZING! Even though the dish is very chinese, the sauce taste very sweet (very Japanese). The pork is so tender and the fat melted in your mouth, so good~

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4 Responses to “Sasaya (West LA)”

  1. seat says:

    That pork is 豚の角煮?? Soft fat pork in sweet soy sauce? My favourite too!

    They gave you guys free desserts because you stayed too long?? That sounds odd~~

  2. vero says:

    I tried the simmered pork in yabu. it’s nothing compared to sasaya’s. i was so dissapointed. they didnt even include the fatty part which is the real deal in this dish.

  3. Freda says:

    So yabu’s wasn’t as good? Vero, I tried that new Vietnamese place next to Blue Marlin that Vasil was talking about, they don’t seems to have the sweet pork in lunch menu, and really they seems sooooo simplified/tone down for Americans that I HIGHLY doubt they’d be good (let alone actually having it).

    Seat: yeah we already ordered icecream and finished it. But we sat there kept on talking, then after a long time, the boss (?) came by and brought us that dessert! Weird!!! It’s sooo good that it’s actually quite a highlight (now I totally understand why red bean sweet could be good, makes me crave wafu sweets!!!)

  4. BonBon says:

    I just went there this past weekend! Love it!!