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Riverside Cafe (Burbank)

By in 18: Greater LA

DSC01036.jpg On our way to a party at Burbank, we found this tiny little French cafe Riverside Cafe in the middle of the residential area nearby Disney’s Animation Studio. Despite it looks like an old shack-ish local coffeehouse, it saids Fine Bistro Food. The Chef’s specials are on chalkboard. Turns out it’s not as cheap as I expected ^^;; But it’s very cozy, friendly and family style, we sat outside because it’s a little embarassed as everyone inside seems to know each other.

DSC01033.jpg French Onion Soup $6.50 It got very cold as we sat outside so we order the hot soup. Very dense onion taste but not salty enough.

DSC01028.jpgRoasted Lamp with Mint Sauce $14.50 This is really good! So chewy and tender! The sauce is sweet and minty.

DSC01029.jpgBeef Casserole with garlic mash potato $12.50 This is good too, the beef is very tender and soft, and the carrot is tasty as it absorb the sauce, which was a little bit too salty, but that’s where the mash potato is for right?

It’s indeed a very pleasant surprise, such good quality food in a roadside cafe hidden amidst the residential area.

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One Response to “Riverside Cafe (Burbank)”

  1. seat says:

    The meat dishes look very nice! If the meat is tender and juicy plus a yummy sauce, it will always nice. Maybe it is a small bistro so it is hard to maintain if not charge a certain price~~~