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Hana Pt.4: Hana Bay, Hamoa Beach

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Hana Bay, a so-so beach with a dark reddish sand but walking distance from our condo. Most importantly, it has the only decent (and affordable) lunch spot in Hana: Tutu’s Snack Shop!
Taro Burger is pretty good~ Though after all the hiking and swimming I wished I had a meat patty but I didn’t want to miss the chance to try this. The fries are surprisingly GOOD! So golden and crispy~
Teriyaki Burger is delicious. Beef Steak is pretty good too~
The most beautiful beach at Hana: Hamoa Beach.
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It is still small, the sand is half white half black (they called it ‘salt-and-pepper’ sand) and the waves are ridiculously strong (good for body surfing). We had great fun playing with the waves here but we underestimated the waves and laid down our bags and blankets not far back enough (the sand area is really small). One strong wave hit and it washed over our belongings!!! We had to chase them before being completely pull out to the ocean…how embarassing! So we had to hang dried everything on the tree. Here’s where my newly bought beach tote was proven useful: it is water resistence. So only my belongings were unspoiled by water…^^;;;

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3 Responses to “Hana Pt.4: Hana Bay, Hamoa Beach”

  1. seat says:

    Gosh no spoiled cameras or soaked passports? ^^;;;
    At last a beach…but the waves are indeed scary.
    I totally imagined you guys trip as a normal sipping pretty cocktails on a beach-chair kinda holiday…never expected a jungle adventure…^^;;

  2. RP says:

    Haha same as Seat! I pegged you as the lounging lazily on a patio looking into the sea, holding some girly drink with an umbrella in it sort of Hawaii traveler but apparently not. This adventure is fun to read about though!

  3. Freda says:

    Thank god the camera was in my water resistant bag. ^^;;

    I imagine a sipping cocktail lounging on beach relax vacation too~~ But since the resort side’s hotel was full for our first two days, so we planned the Hana side first. After getting a taste of the more raw and adventurous side, the resort side seems so….boring…^^;;;