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West Maui: Ka’anapali

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DSC01231.jpgMoving from South to West, the Honoapi’ilani Highway along the coast has breathtaking scenary! However there was a fire up the hill so we were stuck in a traffic jam…watching the firefighting helicoptors (it’s yellow!) scooping buckets of water from the ocean carrying them up.
We booked a condo at Ka’anapali, the biggest and most commercial resort beach on Maui.
View from our 10th floor room! So stunning~
I like the Ka’anapali Beach more than Waelia Beach…clearer bluer water, less snobbish and way bigger~ The water is so beautiful to swim, though a bit unpredictable. Every 10 mins or so there’d be a couple huge wave hits (casualties: Joan scratched her back by the ocean bottom sand, Yan’s sunglasses got washed away ^^;;). We have so much fun here. It’s paradise!
DSC01252.jpgNo bar nor drink served there though, so no cocktail sipping ^^;; (Ritz Carlton has a beach front bar, they located on the black rock seen in the above pictures). There’s a very touristy mall right next to our condo. We were too tired to drive at night so we just, even though we knew they’re going to be $$$ and not good. No choice, we went to this tacky island decor beach front restaurant. The other gals’ orders were very bad (clam chowder and salad). My $18 Teriyaki Steak is quite alright. Meat quite tender, tasty sweet mango sauce~

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3 Responses to “West Maui: Ka’anapali”

  1. seat says:

    The pool is your condo’s?
    The steak looks good, actually real chunks of mango.
    Is there any water sports available on the beach?

  2. Freda says:

    Yeah the pool is part of condo, lots of older people were using it (instead of the ocean which is just couple steps away ^^;;)

    Watersport…the waves are too strong to do much I think (surfers have their own super strong wave surf spot, they stayed out of the beach). Most young people have a small board and just ride along the wave. There were sailboats, many snorkling.

  3. RP says:

    Poor Joan, her back alright?? But the pic in which she posed with Yan, you gals did seem to be having a lot of fun~