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South Maui: Beach-hopping

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Once over at the resort side, we first headed the South side that has the most beaches. What a vastly different scenary from Hana: it’s all upscale resorts, big mansions and golf courses. There’re about 18 mid-big beaches along the South coast, and we chose three to visit. Time for some classic Maui beaches~
The Waelia Beach is supposedly the best beach on Maui: fine pillowy sand, gentle waves good for swimming, crystal clear water~ But as Four Season resort was right there, it seems as if they owned it. It’s all tourists here. All those emperor tents, everyone using the same hotel beach towels. But the real turn off: it has no tree shade.
Drove further down to the Maluaka Beach. The sand were rougher with lots of trash, the waves are stronger! But the good thing is that it has shades. We felt asleep~

The Big Beach. Indeed BIG as the name suggests. I love that it’s zoned in a state park so no resort ‘owns’ it, and you have nature as background. There’re a lot more locals here. But oh my~ the wind here is soooo strong. Every 15 mins there will be a sandstorm attack (the flying sand really hurt!). We had to hide under our blankets. And the waves…IMPOSSIBLE~ We couldn’t get much further in the water as we kept being rolled back onto the beach.

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9 Responses to “South Maui: Beach-hopping”

  1. seat says:

    Finally a picture of Freda! 😀
    Yeah this is more like a holiday. You guys went to the beach but you hid in the shade hahaha so typical. ^^;;;;
    I like the pic of you girls running! Why so small?

  2. Freda says:

    Hey we were under the sun ALL the time at those no shade beaches, and got very painful sunburn ^^;;; The skins on my shoulder are peeling off now…I got very brown arms brown legs now, but the tan on my face is fading so quickly (almost back to normal paleness ^^;;). I think…I looked better with more color on face.
    (hehe the running picture is small because…didn’t wanna put picture of the gals in bikini here ^^;;)

  3. seat says:

    Yeah I want some tan on my face so that the black circles around my eyes won’t be too obvious. ^^;;
    Talking about skin colour, I notice that my skin is quite yellow and that has nothing to do with exposing to the sun, while many Japanese girls are pale in a pink white colour~

  4. RP says:

    Ouch. The bikini one was the one I really wanted to look at! Very charming eye candy pictures 🙂

  5. Freda says:

    If your skin is a bit yellow, it could be your liver that’s not too healthy…? ^^;; Or just Asians have varied hues, but most compliment their skin tone with pinker shade of foundation (hence most girls you see have pinker color?). You don’t wear makeup right, maybe you can just use normal concealor for dark eye, and purple concealor for the more yellow area. The area around my mouth tends to be yellower too.
    I’m more pink tone as I’m more ‘hot-headed’ (haha literally as I also get red faced very easily~), I once thought of getting these green poweder to cover some of my redness, but then they’re too strong probabaly (made for white people’s redness).

  6. seat says:

    Oh not the face – of course I know most Japanese girls put makeup – but arms and necks where I think even the immaculate Japanese won’t put foundation. ^^;;;
    I don’t wear makeup simply because I am lazy…concealer doesn’t sound any easier. ^^;;
    Maybe after I am over 40 and REALLY need to some cover~~

  7. RP says:

    Seat> I became yellow(er) after… not sure like sometime after 26? 27? I was dead white as a teenager, so I am thinking it might have something to do with health. Yeah Freda I’ve come across REALLY yellow folks and they do have liver problems. Oh-oh.

    Chanel foundation has a more yellow tone to it, methinks. But as far as I remember Seat you got v. good skin so not really in need to cover it up anyway :-)?

  8. seat says:

    Really…I should have my liver checked then…don’t really want to know the result though…^^;;
    RP, you haven’t seen me for a long time, I have AGED.

  9. Freda says:

    Yeah hence a lot of ‘whitening’ product..actually works better when they’re ‘whiten from inside out” ^^;; The more strain on liver (stress, alcohol, overworked liver to ‘detox’ your toxin) make your skin a dull & yellow-ish tone. I read that in a health diet book written by a doctor ^^;;

    No way Seat you have round face and smooth skin, if you were in western country, people will still ask to see your ID for alcohol ^^;;