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A-Won (Koreatown)

By in 07: Mid-Wilshire

There’re plenty of Korean-Japanese sushi restaurants in Koreatown but I never tried any. J. Gold and Yelppies had me curious with their reviews so I gave it a try.

The seatings are in high wall booth. I’d prefer having a view of the sushi chef (even when not sitting at the bar). The banchan (side dishes) are great: spicy oyster, pickled cucumber.

This korean sushi bowl called Al Bap $15 (Fish egg bowls) is like an ‘everything I like all in one bowl’ dreams come true: generous amount of sea urchin (fresh, very good!), different types of smelt roe and salmon roe, grilled eel and atsuyaki tamago (sweetened cooked egg omlette), etc. on top of seasoned sushi rice.

Hwe Dup Bab $13 a really really HUGE bowl of sashimi salad mixed with sesame oil. There’s a bottle of hot sauce for you to mix it together. Again they put a great amount of sashimi (20 pieces?). The veggie and sashimi alone made a good, light satisfying meal.

It’s definitely a different spin of enjoying sushi, I love it~

A-Won (Koreatown)
913 S Vermont Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90006

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3 Responses to “A-Won (Koreatown)”

  1. seat says:

    Very interesting!! Koreans really eat sushi bowls like that? ^^;; Not the usual fake sushi places opened by Koreans/Chinese?

    Though I can’t imagine eating strong-flavour kimchi before eating sushi, you do get to eat some vegetables which is usually not available in sushi places. Also kimchi warms your body before eating the body-chilling raw fish…could be a great idea actually.

  2. Freda says:

    There’re still plenty of fake sushi place by Korean trying to pass off as Japanese. Before I thought it was so weird to eat sushi with chili sauce (not wasabi + soysauce). In a way, those red chili sauce are overwhelming in flavor that it overkill the sushi. But yeah…the chili/kimchee is good balance to the ‘coldness’ of fish.

  3. Monica says:

    I was just reading the exact same article by the LA Times and am gonna give it a shot after seeing your pix. Love the design of your blog btw.