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The name of the pork appetizer is misleading cos it is just plain boiled pork with some chilli sauce on top and salad at the bottom, no good. But the dessert is so nice!!!!! It is coconut sticky rice with red bean, banana stuffing. For some reason one has stronger coconut taste, while the other has stronger banana taste…wonder if it is deliberate but both taste very good.
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0607 001.jpgソーセージ。グリーンカレー、蒸しもちご飯。2160円。
Suddenly had this HUGE craving for Thai food and very very hot chilli, so went to this chain Thai restaurant for dinner two days in a row. Sausage. Green curry and steamed glutinous rice.

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Spring roll. Tom yam kung ramen with mochi.

0824 020.jpgカナー菜チャーハン、900円。
Kanah fried rice.
Food here is overall very good!


060125 020.jpgSpicy fried flat rice noodles, 900yen. It is late dinner….one of those days you know you shouldn’t cos it is late already, but you just can’t control…^^;; Lots of stuff in it, very spicy and very good!

051002 023.jpgグリーンカレー、1000円。 Green curry.

0603 001.jpgグリーンカレーリゾット、1000円。
Green curry risotto.The risotto is not really risotto, just Thai rice…so kinda Italian+Thai fusion…? Very good though!

0730 040.jpgトムヤムスパゲッティ、950円。
Tom Yum Kung spaghetti. I think risotto would be nicer to go with the Tom Yum Kung soup.

0826 019.jpg0826 028.jpg
Green curry fried rice. A bit soggy.

Ikebukuro branch is not very stable in its quality….really depends on what you order.