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Canelé (Atwater Village)

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We went to the Atwater Village neighborhood sensation Canele when it first opened (see old entry ). I always thought their menu seems inspiring that I felt like trying everything.

Squash Soup with Dates. The date is a strange addition as it’s not really part of the taste unless you chew on it.

My partner wasn’t hungry so he ordered the cheese plate. Nice selection.

Pan-seared Red Snapper – cooked just right to be juicy and smooth, but lacking in flavor (with only some herbs, garlic and oil). Lots of bone-picking. The side potatoes are good but very greasy, I often need the capers from the potatoes to spice up the flavors.

Flourless Orange Cake. After a couple bites it got a bit scary as every mouthful is soaked with butters.

The canele given when you leave the door was a bit cold and stale. (Oh I missed them so much).

I re-read what I wrote in the past entry and notice the keyword: buttery and oily. This is the same overwhelming impression I have this time as well. I feel like gulping down some schnapps afterward.

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3 Responses to “Canelé (Atwater Village)”

  1. seat says:

    The red snapper looks good though, and huge!

    btw, I am reading this book about food nutrition and safety(^^;;), and it recommends this site where you can check what kinds of fish are safe to eat and what are too contaminated with mercury and other toxics to eat too often.
    Check out the regional guide. Red snapper is either “Avoid” or “Good”(apparently meaning “proceed with caution”), depending where it is caught. Too bad they only have US!!

  2. Freda says:

    Oh-oh~~ few days ago there was an article on NY times on the high level of mercury in Tuna sushi ^^;; arghhh (yikes so many ‘avoid’ for snapper). Salmon is ‘best’ only from Alaska…

  3. seat says:

    I read that article on NY times too. ^^;;; Salmon is very doggy too. You know they are predatory fish high up in the food chain and they accumulate a lot of toxins when they eat smaller fish. But wild ones are at least “cleaner”. Farmed ones are so gross. Apparently they “are confined in pools of antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals, and wastes, which then spill the equivalent of raw sewage into local waters” and they are fed rendered leftover meat, blood, bones of cows pigs and other animals to make them grow faster. Farmed salmon are naturally gray in colour; salmon farmers add dyes to the feed pellets to make them look pink!!!!! -o-;;;