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Seattle: Pike Place Market (Part 3)

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DSC02870.jpgDSC02838.jpgThe most touristy place we went in Seattle. Like its abnormally clean downtown the fresh market is also ridiculously clean too! I grew up in environment where groceries were bought at fresh market and I hated the stink and filth. But I appreciate a clean one like this. ^^;; The market located right by the sea and has 3 floors, only the top level are fresh food and fruits. The lower levels are restaurants, magic shops, novelty crafts and antique collector shops that are most common in ALL tourisy piers in West coast (why do pier must always feature these type of business?). I love the reto look of this place, which is genuine, as if time freezed at 70s. ^^;;

DSC02864s.jpgDSC02865.jpgLove this pepper stand~ ♥ There’s also a cheese store with open window to their cheese-making machines, and these huge freshly made cheese in their whole form. *O* The bakery La Panier was there too! Their amandine cookies are Vero’s husband and friends MUST have everytime they visit. The very first Starbucks was started here too.

DSC02851.jpgDSC02850.jpgThe top level is the ground level, and you descend to the next floor as if they’re underground, even thought it’s below-ground but it’s built outside so you get ocean view. The lower levels were very cramp, reminded me of those sketchy narrow multi-underground levels malls at HK (usually the ones that sell pirate stuffs) ^^;; There was a store for Left-handed people too.

The decoration of the magic shop are simply awesome~ You can never go wrong with vintage posters~

DSC02847.jpgDSC02849s.jpgLove this carnival feel store front~ I stole a peek of the “biggest shoes” when other people insert coin to see it.

DSC02861.jpgI saw this store about Feminism and Women’s history on TV before. Now I remember it was a travel program on Seattle ^^;;;

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2 Responses to “Seattle: Pike Place Market (Part 3)”

  1. seat says:

    Very touristy place indeed! Like the hanging rabbit. ^^;;; You didn’t take picture of the pier? There is no pictures of any waters so far!! ^^;;;;

  2. Freda says:

    I know…^^;;; Now i remember it’s because it was raining heavily and wind very scary, so we didn’t go outside to take pic of the sea. Damn~ I saw these boat and stuffs…and I heard that lots of people fishing normally.