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Reservoir (Silver Lake)

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IMG_6781We haven’t had fancy brunch for awhile. Drove by Silver lake blvd on a Sunday morning and saw the new-ish Reservoir wasn’t crowded at all, so we decided to give it a try. I’ve been meaning to try their dinner but haven’t had the chance to. I was kind of surprise to see how empty it was since even bad to mediocre brunch places in this neighbourhood are always crowded on Sundays.

I was delighted to find several interesting dishes on their brunch menu, it’s not only the usual “2 eggs + sausage, omelette, pancake, waffle…etc” which is although comforting but also predictable and that every place has it.

Freda got the Eggs three way: Baked soft-boiled with Gruyere cheese, scrambled with balsamic cipolin onions, olive oil fried egg. The perfect dish when you cannot decide how you want your egg.

I got the Breakfast Pizza. It has caramelized onions, arugula, prosciutto, manchego cheese, fried egg and drizzled balsamic reduction. This is incredibly delicious! Everything works together well, you get multiple flavors in each bite. The runny york taste so well with the sweet-and-sourness of caramelized onion and balsamic reduction, while the bitterness from the arugula balanced them from being too overpowering.

Each dish came with a side: roasted potatoes and seasonal fruit. The roasted potatoes were perfectly chopped into bite size and were very crispy. I like how they’re non-oily. The bread that came before the meal seems to be handmade and it was great. And I always give extra points to places that give you those brown sugar cube for coffee.

The service was great too, our server was very attentive. I’m not sure if I want this place to get super crowded during brunch. Now I can’t wait to try their dinner!

1700 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90026

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  1. weezermonkey says:

    I love fancy brunches and brown sugar cubes.

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  3. Really diggin what you’ve been posting here lately. I’d love to see you continue with far more of this. Bookmarked!