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Hog Island Oyster (San Fransico: Ferry Market)

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Here’s the biggie: $40 for 24 raw oysters. There’re 5 kinds:
Hog island Sweetwater, Tomale Bay
Hog Island Atlantics, Tomales bay
Beau Soleil, New Brunswick
Pebble Beach, Puget Sound
Gold Creek, Washington
H.E.A.V.E.N! Grace doesn’t eat oysters, so three of us shared that.
Same as the wine from the crepe place, it’s Muscadet. And I gotta mention, their bread is sooooooo good~~~ >o<

The scallop was quite overpriced for 3 pcs. But OH MY the Clam Chowder is simply STUNNING!!! It is unlike the porridage thick kind in usual American places…it is a very delicious thin and creamy soup. I missed this more than the oysters actually…

DSC04975.jpgThe oyster place is located at the Ferry Building Market, so it faces the bay and Oakland bridge. Nice ocean breeze, blue sea, great food…definitely the highlight of our trip! ^O^

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5 Responses to “Hog Island Oyster (San Fransico: Ferry Market)”

  1. seat says:

    Wow, the oyster plate is impressive!! Especially taken from above!

    The Clam chowder is not soup? Clam in white sauce? Looks really good~~~. Why they are so generous with their clams but so stingy with the scallops? ^^;;

    Freda, your hair changed so much from the previous entries….it is very frizzy here.

  2. vero says:

    that picture of oysters is RIGHT ON! hahaha… It makes you ready to gulp it all at once. I think we could have finished one plate each. 🙂 The price stopped us from doing that. I was just eating lotsa bread, just so I don’t order another plate of oyster hehe… poor grace, she doesnt like oyster… but she has to suffer our oyster gulping hehe..

  3. Freda says:

    Yeah haha…my hair was hopelessly miserable on the 3rd day because I didn’t have my hair care products with me, and SF was unexpectedly dry and windy (you’d think it’s humid as it’s a Bay area). So my hair was totally frizzle~~~ ^^;;;

    The clam chowder is soup, a bit like stew too~ just not thick porridage kind.

    Hey Vero I kept chanting in low voice “let’s order a $6 set too” after we gulped down that big one in less than 5 mins. ^^;; I try to savor it slowly…I finished last (can’t stand the sight of others still eating while I’m all done).

  4. Joan says:

    to be honest I can’t really tell the difference between them ^^;;
    they all taste great, so….

  5. seat says:

    8 oysters for one person is definitely not enough,haha!!

    Probably some types of oysters are more creamy, some are more metal-taste?? I like fat bulging sweet creamy ones….