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September 22, 2011 Off

Mitchell’s Icecream (San Francisco: Noe Valley)

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I rent a place in Noe Valley, a neighborhood known for strollers. Turns out this quiet family oriented neighborhood has quite a few hot destinations. One such destination spot is Mitchell’s Ice cream. There is always an insanely long line outside, even in cold foggy weather. The long queue stayed until closing time at 10:30pm. […]


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Humphry Slocombe (SF: Mission)

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Humphry Slocombe. An unconventional flavors ice cream joint that test your tolerance. I got the pretty conservative Vietnamese Coffee, and have to say its strong milky dark coffee taste added up and it actually turn a bit unpleasant.


August 13, 2011 Off

I-Cream (Chicago)

By in 13: Chicago

A friend told us about the liquid nitrogen mixed ice cream shop I-Cream at Wicker Park. We were defeated by the mid west heat wave and were literally crawling our tired, dehydrated bodies across Wicker Park to get here. What greet us at the door are the mixing machines with liquid nitrogen smoke coming out […]


February 25, 2010 1

Sweet for the Soul (Atwater Village)

By in 05: Silver Lake + Echo Park

There’s a sweet shop down few stores by Viet Noodle bar but it’s never open, perhaps because I’m always there on a Sunday. Finally we went to Atwater Village on a Saturday and viola, it’s opened! Sweet For the Soul sell gourmet brownies and other local handmade desserts like cookies and ice cream. It’s very […]

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December 5, 2009 1

Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck

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Another food truck post! This time it’s ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus. They came for a company party with their gourmet cookies and homemade ice cream. I got the Balsamic Fig Ice cream with Chocolate Cookie in Edible wrapper. The flavor taste more normal than it sound. Sadly my cookie broke apart and made it […]

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