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Mackerel escabeche, very cold…like just taken out from the refrigerator.
Green peas soup, also very cold…even for summer.
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Pork and potato stew, huge portion and simple taste, the pork is quite soft. Chocolate mousse, a bit too sweet.

Cascina Canamilla(カシーナ・カナミッラ@白金台)

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Peach Bellini. Appetizer: Kidney beans soup, cauliflower and beans(oily and sour), marinated rockfish(again oily and sour), fried hummus chip(quite good), ham, potato and cod paste with mayonnaise.
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Two of us ordered two different pasta and the waitor himself suggested us to share and offered to divide for us. Of course we said yes and were grateful for the good service, though later we discovered they charged 10% service even during lunch time…so the pictures are both half portion. Pansoti with spinage, ricotta cheese and ham stuffing, walnut and butter sauce. The pasta skin is very nice, soft but sticky texture. Pappardelle with minced horse meat in red wine sauce. Tasted like beef to me(^^;;). With coffee included, about 3600yen per person…ouch. Well, I knew it was quite a poshy place. Even on a weekday afternoon, boiling hot temperature, it was packed with people, mostly girls, some even sat outside in the terrace…gosh. My friend overheard the two guys sitting next to us and one of them was a chef from a French restaurant…and my friend said they were listening to us when we talked about which restaurant is great which restaurant sucks…(^^;;)
Cascina Canamilla

chez tomo (シェ・トモ)

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We had booked in advance but when we arrived, there was a big group of people already seated before us and we were squeezed to the corner with very little space, which we actually didn’t mind at all. But the waitor was nice and apologised to us and gave us the aperitifs for free! Then the appetizer came and it was quite good but very small~~. Started thinking, “Oh no, it is one of those restaurants that you are still hungry after a full course.” I was very hungry. ^^;;; And then a salad came, which was boiled and grilled vegetables of many different kinds and they were very fresh and yummy! And a big plate as well! And then the main dish….which was like this ONE small piece of pure fat! The pork was confit(salted and fried) so it was already quite salty, yet it was drowned in beans and red wine sauce which made it even heavier. Probably one of the worst main dish I have had recently. But the dessert came and it was a big plate and the caramel ice-cream was really really good. So, it is one strange meal with each course fluctuating in quality…
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chez tomo

しら石@目黒 (Shiraishi)

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炭火焼牛ヒレと土鍋ご飯のコース、6000円。All the fish and veggie dishes were really yummy so we were really looking forward to the grilled beef and the hotpot rice, which were the main, which we waited til my mom and sister fell asleep on the table, which turned out to be a bit disappointing – we were really impressed by the beef lunch we had the day before, so this one seemed such a little portion and too dry and hard in comparison, and the rice was too dry to our taste. Anyway, the dessert was nice and we had the little compartment to ourself which was nice.