La Saetta(ラ・サエッタ)

Have been here before(see tag), but didn’t get around to try their brown rice lunch and dessert.
玄米ランチプレート、¥1000。 沖縄産寿豚パラ肉と季節野菜のボッリートミスト、サルサヴェルデ添え(+¥200)。
Brown rice lunch plate: Okinawa pork belly and seasonal vegetables pot-au-feu with Salsa Verde. The pork is soft and very nice with the green sauce. Also came with Minestrone, curry-taste omelette and brown rice. Dessert is panna cotta made from milk, which is unfortunately a bit bland. Lunch includes a small cup of either coffee, Okinawa herb tea or Genmai-cha.
Beef belly meat and mushroon Ragu sauce with hotspring egg.
玄米ランチプレート: オーストリア産牛ホホ肉の白ワイン煮込み マッシュポテト添え、¥1000。
Salsiccia, caper, mushroom, white wine sauce.
Cow cheek simmered in white wine with mashed potato. Again brown rice lunch comes with Minestrone.
築地直送 エビと有機野菜のフリット タルタル添え、¥1000。
Prawn and organic vegetables fritter with Tartare sauce. I asked for the Minestrone to come together with meal so that I can eat the brown rice with the soup, which is much nicer.
Oyster and mushroom, in cream sauce with beans.
築地直送 魚介のトマトソース、¥1000。
Seafood tomato sauce.

Very very nice lunch at an excellent price. The portion is big enough to fill me up and the quality is high. My favourites are Okinawa pork belly and prawn fritter; though everything is good. Too bad they only do lunch during Tue-Fri. This place is a bit hard to find but well worth the effort if you are in the area. Walkable distance from Okachimachi/Ueno.
Menu(J): 1, 2.
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自家製サルシャチャ 有機野菜のペンネ トマトソース、1000円。
A really old visit. Penne with Salsiccia and organic vegetables in tomato sauce. Very good! Salsiccia is Italian sausage I think. The waitor said it is the pork meat before it is made into sausages. The vegetables are very fresh, just cooked so very crunchy. The tomato sauce is sweet. Portion is just right. Definitely going back to try their brown rice lunch sets. The location is so hidden in the confusing little streets that it took me a long time to find though~

La Saetta
Add: 1-3-5 Ueno, Taito-ku
Tel: 03-3832-1311

La Saetta (ラ・サエッタ)

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三陸産カキのカルパッチョ ケッカソース。
Full course lunch is 3500yen(no tax, no service charge).
Focaccia with rosemary.
Oyster carpaccio, Checca Sauce. The oyster is a bit salty, but the sauce has nice citrus flavour.
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北イタリアン伝統パスタ アニョロッティ。
Fedelini with dried salted tuna roe. Spicy with real hot little chilli in it. Lots of seafood like scallops, prawns, clams, fish meat. Love the fish taste!
Agnolotti – traditional North Italian pasta apparently. Smaller than the usual ravioli, stuffed with pork belly and cheese. Green because of the spinach mixed in it.
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Roasted Iberico pork. Fat and meat nicely balanced, very juicy. The sauce is made from eshallot and pork stock and something else I couldn’t catch when the waiter explained. Very delicious too. Actually I like the meat dish better than the pasta, which is usual for me in an Italian restaurant.
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Lunch set comes with a small coffee. Dessert is optional.
Lunch menu(Japanese only): 1, 2.
La Saetta