Sarafan (サラファン)

A couple of lunch visits to this Russian restaurant in Jimbocho.
Russian Hamburger(Y1000). When I cut it into half, hot juice from the veggy in the middle came out. Very nice!
Borscht and Russian bread come with ALL lunch sets. I haven’t been to that many proper Russian restaurants so I can’t really judge but the Borscht here is the best I’ve tried.
若鶏のソテー ローズマリー風味、¥1000。
Weekly lunch(Y1000) is always chicken. Left pic is Chicken Saute with Rosemary. Right pic is Chicken and komatsuna in Bouillon. Both are good.
1800yen set includes the usual Borscht and bread, “Blintz”(crepe version of Pirozhki I think), and white stew of mushroom and chicken baked in a small ceramic pot(not sure but probably called “Zharkoye”). I like the “Blintz” but it is a bit small. The stew is good but nothing too special. Dessert and tea are not included and I was still hungry…
White Beef stroganoff lunch set(Y2500) also includes Borscht, bread, cheese cake and Russian tea(with blueberry jam and lemon). I’ve never had a beef stroganoff with the cream sauce this thick. It is not bad but the beef is a bit tough. The cheese cake is so-so.

Cabbage roll lunch(Y2500) also includes Borscht, bread, cheese cake and Russian tea. The cabbage roll is quite rice – there is rice mixed with the meat. I wish I could skip the cheese cake and tea and have a “Blintz” instead(you can order it as a side at lunch time).

In terms of value for money, I think Hamburger lunch is the best. This basement restaurant is very small and I think quite old too. Two chefs cook behind the open kitchen, and one staff serves in a robotic and formal way which was a little strange at first but I got used to it after a while. Seems popular as it gets full like 5 mins after it opens at 11:30am!

Menu(J): 1, 2, 3, 4.

Sarafan (サラファン)
Add: B1, 3-10-3, Ogawamachi, Kanda
Tel: 03-3292-0480

ろしあ亭 (Rosiatei)



Lunch B: Russian salad, Borstch, beef stroganoff(beef and mushroom cream), Russian bread(not sure what so Russian about it…) and mango dessert, 1050yen. The salad and soup are nice. Bread is no good. The beef is tough and the white sauce is bland. Couldn’t finish the super sweet mango jam.
Lunch D: Russian hamburger with tomato. Had rice with it. Salad, Borstch and dessert are the same as above. I printed out a couple(from the link below) and got a free Russian tea. Instead of sugar you add blueberry jam. The hamburger is mushy paste-like type.

Special lunch for summer only(945yen). Potato salad, Borstch, blue berry juice and Russian pancake. The Borstch is not hot today…Marinated salmon is sandwiched inside the pancake with onions…tastes just so-so. I saw the cook microwave the pancake, but when it came out it was cold…why? The pita bread thingy is also cold and has nothing in it. The only thing available to put in was the salad so I stuffed in everything. The dressing in the middle has a faint taste of alcohol but basically tasteless.

Last pic on the right is Lunch E from another visit. The main is cabbage roll. The meat stuffing doesn’t taste so good… Comes with salad, soup, rice and the mango jam (which I told the madam I didn’t want it and she looked shocked…^^;;).

Recently I keep going back to the same place for lunch as long as the quality is not ridiculously bad…
Lunch menu here and here.

Sonia (ソーニヤ)

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061101 035ポルシチ+ライス+ピロシキセット、1260円。
Lunch at a Russian restaurant run by two ladies. Lunch set includes Borstch, rice and Piroshki. Borstch has beetroot, tomato, potato, cabbage, carrot, and chunks of very soft cow tongue in it, topped with sour cream. A bit light tasting to my liking, though the cow tongue is very soft. The piroshki has minced meat, onions and vermicelli, just fried and very good. For piroshki, you can choose red bean or pumpkin instead of minced meat.