GALERIE CAFE LE GRAND (ガルリ・カフェ・ル・グラン)



Mont Blanc made from Japanese chestnut. Chestnut paste on top, cream in the middle, and merengue at the bottom. Very good and not too sweet overall. The house blend coffee included in the cake set(1200yen) is very nice too. Such a cozy little cafe in the middle of Ginza.
Went back again twice after having dinner in Ginza. It is opened til 23:30 so rather handy. Though they don’t do cake+drink sets at night.
Cheese cake is soft and creamy. Mille-feuille is a bad choice…don’t order it.
Mont Blanc again. New kind of chestnut since Oct and much richer than last time. Strawberry cake is not bad.
Drink menu(J) here.
Add: 5-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tel: 03-3289-1550

Sol Levante (ソルレヴァンテ)


モンテ ビアンコ、¥500。ババ。
From two separate visits.
Monte Bianco. Italian version of Mont Blanc. Bottom is merengue, then chestnut paste, topped with a mountain of cream. Nice but….too sweet! Even the cream is sweetened. It is very big too. I only managed to eat half. Baba with lemon liquor.
Dessert plate with espresso-flavoured sorbet, ice-cream, mousse and semi-freddo in a cup shape. Not bad. Very strong espresso taste. Though it doesn’t look as nice as the picture in the menu…^^;;
Menu: 1, 2, 3.
Sol Levante
Add: 3-10-14 Kita-aoyama, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-5464-1155


Left: Chocolate and marron mousse cake.
Right: Prize-winning chocolate cake. Has orange liqueur in it.
Left: Ciboust. This is very good!
Right: Mont Blanc.
Left: Chocolate mousse cake with Jasmine brulee and Camomile sauce. Nice fragrance.
Right: Saint Honoré. My favourite!
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061021 075They also have very nice cookies. Light and fluffy and crispy all at once. The one in the pack has ginger taste, very spicy and good! Not in picutres are marron galette, macaron and financier. All very good.

The cake shop is in Yokohama. A bit far for me, but it is only about 3 mins walk from the nearest train station and they have a cafe for eating in. I have tried their cakes before(see tag) when they had a booth space inside a food mall in Shibuya station.

Restaurant Le Bourguignon (ル・ブルギニオン)

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Amuse bouche: cream puff with pork rillette inside.
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Boudin Noir(pork blood sausage) terrine with apple salad. Served warm, goes so well with the sweet apple sauce. Delicious!
Pan-fried Ainame(Greenling) in chicken clear soup. Not much impression.
060220 212060220 213
Pork feet, pork tongue and beef tripe are first simmered, let cooled and hardened, then grilled until crispy on the outside. Very good.
Satsuma-imo(Japanese sweet potato) Mont Blanc. There is rice inside. Apart from the rice bit, it is pretty normal. Nice though. My friend ordered bell pepper mousse which is much more interesting but “doesn’t feel like dessert” apparently.

Lunch is 4500yen. Food is great, the interior makes you feel like you are in French countryside. Perhaps a little too quiet inside and the waiters are a little stiff-backed.
More pic from outside.
Le Bourguignon

PÂTISSIER INAMURA SHOZO (パティシェ イナムラ ショウゾウ)

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“Hagoromo mont blanc” is limited seasonal item. Apparently 10 Japanese marrons are used to make one of these, and there is definitely no cheating because I have never eaten a mont blanc that has such a thick layer of marron paste and tastes so rich! Inside is fresh cream and one whole chestnut cooked in syrup, bottom is chocolate macarons. It is amazing, and surprisingly not too sweet!
061107 028061107 001
Sweet Osmanthus mousse with fresh cream and sponge cake at the bottom. So creamy and very nice fruity flower fragrance. Also first time I see a doorman for a cake shop! ^^;;;
061108 007061108 015

061109 004上野の山のモンブラン。ポムカネル。
Mont blanc. Layered from top to bottom with marron paste, fresh cream, sponge, custard cream, and sponge again. Also some marron bits here and there. This regular Mont blanc can’t quite beat the more luxurious “Hagoromo mont blanc” above in terms of the (marron/other stuff) ratio, and the richness of the marron itself, but it is quite nice nonetheless, and a bit cheaper. Think of it as a marron sponge cake rather than a Mont Blanc. Another seasonal item – green apple mousse, cinnamon apple, caramel mousse, and chocolate sponge as the base. Nice combination of sweet and sour. Got the Lemon pound cake to take away too – everyone in the line in front of me got the lemon cake so I just followed. ^^;; Lovely lemony flavour and moist texture. Can keep it for 4 days but I ate it in 2 by myself easily.

petit d’or (プティドール)

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061015 240061015 264

061015 145Mont Blanc, Tarte aux Fruits, Tarte Poire, galette and matcha cookie. The Mont Blanc is the best! Multi-layers from top to bottom: marron cream, whipped cream, marron paste, sponge cake strong with alcohol, and chocolate coated sucré. It is very small but so rich with marron flavour – I love it! The fruit tart and the pear tart are not bad too, though the tart is the soft type, not the crispy type I like. The pear one is very sweet. The cookies however are no good, mainly because they are not properly sealed and are not crispy, even though I think they are probably not that old.
petit d’or

Patisserie Mariage (パティスリー マリアージュ)

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060927 027.jpg060927 047.jpg
Mont Blanc. Marron crepe.
060928 025.jpg060928 041.jpg
Chocolate mousse cake. Camenbert cheese cake.
I liked the cheese cake, which was soft souffle with melted cheese in the middle. The rest were pretty normal though. I had problem finishing the chocolate mousse one cos it was too sweet and not chocolatey enough. The cake shop is located on a beautiful tree-lined avenue, and when I went on another sunny day on the weekends, the ceiling-to-floor windows were all opened up and people were sitting outside. I loved the interior and couldn’t help snapping lots of pictures but I was told off by the staff….later I realised that no-photo signs were all over the shop…^^;;;; So the second time I bought take-away instead, but they didn’t pack the cakes properly and they ended up a bit of a mess(the photos show the unsquashed sides). There was a sign next to the cashier telling customers not to carry cakes with bicycles….err….
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キャラメル オレンジ。蜂蜜とイチジク。オレンジピールのパンケーキ。
Caramel and orange: Orange and caramel chiboust. There are caramel sauce and almonds in the middle layer. Tastes okay. I have tried a couple of cakes from this place but none of them is really impressive. However, they do have a large collection of cookies and baked finger cakes so I tried a couple of those. Honey and semi-dried fig Madeleine. Pound cake with orange peels.
061017 040061017 051
Financier in Teddy bear shape. Madeleine with marron and cassis. Galette. All of them are actually quite good, a bit on the light-tasting side. Particularly like the pound cake which is the only one rich with butter, and the sour-sweet madeleine with marron and cassis.
Patisserie Mariage